A brand new Axwell ID surfaces during his set at MDLBEAST


Legendary DJ and producer and Axtone’s owner, Axwell, flew to Saudi Arabia delivering one of his incredible solo set and dropping some new music and IDs as well.

After having canceled his gigs, together with Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello, as Swedish House Mafia at Audacy Beach festival in Florida, Axwell (and Sebastian Ingrosso) moved to Saudi Arabia for the controversial MDLBEAST festival. Here, Axwell played a solo set as well as a unique performance together with Ingrosso, and both artists delivered some new music and IDs. Unfortunately, both performances haven’t been recorded, making fans really mad and disappointed.

On the other hand, a very small snippet surfaced only, an 8 seconds video posted by Ingrosso on his Instagram stories.

At a first glance, this small snippet sounds like a possible Axwell or even Swedish House Mafia ID. Digging a bit more, it seems the snippet is part of the track Juicy by Desembra but, who is he? Carl Nordstrom, aka Desembra, is a Swedish producer from Stockholm who has recently collaborated with Swedish House Mafia on Month To A Flame.

Over the years he released a series of tunes, mostly on No Copyright Sound and, his last tune, according to his official website, Jiro, come out last year. You can listen to it below directly from Desembra’s website.

Surfing his website, we noticed an interesting section called LOG where it seems he collects “random” thoughts. One of them seems more interesting than the others; labeled as 2020.07.04 it states “what axel thinks much of”. Everything is very cryptic, in a true Swedish House Mafia style.

Desembra was also used to publish on his Soundcloud page mixes called ID SHOWCASE. The latest one, VOL. 2, which contained the Axwell’s ID (around 1:00) played during the MDLBEAST festival, magically disappeared from Soundcloud. Luckily VK (check here if the mix doesn’t appear below) comes to our aid, where the mix is still available for the stream (you’ll need a VK account to access it). You can also listen to the song ripped from the mix searching for Desembra Juicy on VK as well.