Is Axwell working on a remix for Lady Gaga new album?

With a cryptic tweet, Axtone's boss may have revealed to be working on something that has to do with Lady Gaga 6th album

Axwell hinted on Twitter about possible involvement in Lady Gaga’s 6th upcoming album.

In a tweet rapidly deleted on Axwell’s own Twitter account, Axtone’s boss and 1/3 of the Swedish House Mafia suggested a possible connection with Lady Gaga’s upcoming studio album. Later last year, new leaks come out on Gaga’s new album with a photo of the alleged physical copy of the album. Expected to came out during this fall, 2020, the first single released date is still uncertain.

Increasing the mystery around Gaga’s new album, Axwell posted a cryptic tweet, rapidly removed stating:

#LG6 😈


Axwell Twitter Lady Gaga
Axwell tweet rapidly removed

The hashtag has been used by Gaga’s fan to refer to the album and Axwell is not new to remix pop hits. His remix for Halsey Graveyard came out last year and received massive support worldwide with over 3.5 M streams. Axwell’s talent in revisiting and creating himself “commercial/pop” songs is well known and an official remix for Lady Gaga would surely be another top-chart hit.

In the meantime, we can’t do anything but wait; don’t forget that Axwell is set to return in Miami this March with the whole Axwell roster for the annual Miami Music Week pool party as well as at Tomorrowland with the Axtone stage.