Axwell & Ingrosso
Axwell & Ingrosso at Sunburn festival India

Axwell plays Terminal 5 ID on Instagram stories while driving

The super-duo Axwell & Ingrosso is famous for their quality music as well as for the numerous unreleased track.

One of the most famous is the one played during the event at Terminal 5 in New York. From that moment the track took the name of “ID Terminal 5“.

After this first appearance, the track was played at Alexandra Palace in London and almost 5 times by Alesso in the last year.

A lot of mystery surrounds this track but, two days ago, Axwell posted two videos on his Instagram stories showing him while driving. The track that you can hear in the background is the famous “ID Terminal 5”.

Is Axwell trying to tell us something? Maybe.

Below you can find all the two videos.

Dawn [Terminal5 ID] // Axwell Λ Ingrosso