A.I. tool SongStarter generates unique musical samples based on user input

BandLab SongStarter – AI

Social music creation platform BandLab has launched their latest feature, SongStarter an A.I.-powered tool, integrated with their platform of best-in-class music creation tools.

The first note of a song can be surprisingly difficult to write. New creators may be unsure where to begin. Even seasoned creators can struggle to find inspiration. At times, narrowing down one of a million ideas can be difficult. SongStarter, a musical idea generator powered by artificial intelligence within the BandLab platform, is being introduced by the BandLab team for creatives who are eager to get started but need help getting past the blank screen.

SongStarter, created in collaboration with Google on TensorFlow, generates unique beats, melodies, and chord progressions based on user input. The patterns it generates are free for users to keep and can be used as a starting point for rapping, songwriting, melody sketching, or simply jamming out with friends. SongStarter is now accessible via desktop browsers as well as the BandLab mobile app.

To begin, BandLab users should navigate to the SongStarter interface and click on the dice icon. Users can enter up to 50 characters of lyrics and emojis for more personalized results. However, there is no need for any initial input. Within a matter of seconds, SongStarter will generate three new musical ideas, each completely different from the last.

After viewing the ideas, users can experiment with different moods for each one by clicking a button with day, dusk, and night icons. This feature offers different instrumentals, keys, and beats-per-minute for the same musical composition, allowing users to choose the style that best suits them. Finally, users can open the selected idea in the BandLab platform’s Mix Editor and tweak it further, or repeat the same phrasing. Alternatively, they can keep rolling the SongStarter dice until they get the desired results.

SongStarter is the first step in BandLab’s foray into AI-powered tools to assist creators in their musical journeys. SongStarter is also free and simple to use, which aligns with BandLab’s mission of breaking down barriers to music creation. Users can continue to personalize their work and share it with the ever-growing BandLab community, which now includes over 40 million users ranging from first-time creators to GRAMMY-winning producers.

We are thrilled to launch SongStarter. It is like having inspiration on-demand. Our team designed just the solution for those personal ‘eureka’ moments. SongStarter is fun to experiment with and serves as a resource that creators can keep coming back to again and again. The musical possibilities are endless. – BandLab CEO & Co-Founder Meng Ru Kuok

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