Beatport presents new Curated plyalist for Indie artists

Beatport Shines a Light on Independent Artists with Dedicated Curated Store Playlist


Beatport, the world’s leading music platform for DJs, producers, and fans, announced the debut of a first-of-its-kind human-curated playlist featuring music created by independent electronic music artists.

The dedicated Best New Independent Artists playlist is created in collaboration with Beatport’s current independent artist distribution partners TuneCore, DistroKid, and Music Hub. It will highlight independent artists’ standout creations each week. It will also provides a featured platform for their music to be discovered by a global audience of DJs.

By curating a dedicated space for independent electronic music artists, Beatport is not only providing a platform for discovery, but also ensuring that standout self-produced artists receive the recognition and compensation they deserve right away. While other platforms may struggle with the distribution of small payments to artists with fewer streams, our focus remains firmly on furthering the voices of inde-pendent creators and fostering a more equitable ecosystem for electronic music. – Raphael Pujol, Beatport’s Vice President of Global Curation

The playlist: Best New Indie Artists

In an industry dominated by major labels and established bands, Beatport understands the importance of supporting and promoting emerging talent. The Best New Indie Artists playlist will be the first of its kind to highlight indie artists. It will connect producers around the world to new audiences.

The playlist has been created through a careful curating process led by Beatport’s internal curation team. Independent electronic music artists are urged to submit their songs to TuneCore, DistroKid, or Music Hub for consideration in the playlist and access to the Beatport DJ community.

The Best New Independent Artists playlist is updated weekly.

We launched our distribution partnership with Beatport last year which has since enabled TuneCore’s electronic music artists to unlock the direct pipeline between electronic music creators and the DJs placing their music into live sets and mixes. Beatport has become a vital medium for music discovery for our emerging artists, with 40 tracks reaching Beatport’s Top 100 chart since its introduction. Beatport’s Best New Independent Artists playlist recognizes and supports emerging indie electronic music artists by amplifying their music and providing additional possibilities to propel their audience development to the next level. – Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore