BMD Ψ FRIENDS Divolly & Markward, Party Killers Drop Department Take Me Now

BMD Ψ FRIENDS releases ‘Take Me Now’ by Divolly & Markward, Party Killers and Drop Department


‘Take Me Now’ is the new Divolly & Markward, Party Killers & Drop Department track which is out now on BMD Ψ FRIENDS

BMD Ψ FRIENDS is a Swedish record label founded almost one year ago. It is a Groove-house oriented label, with a lot of high-quality release in its catalog and ‘Take Me Now‘ is an obvious example.

Three duos produced the track; Divolly & Markward kings of the porn groove (we have an interview with them here), Party Killers, a Switzerland duo that has already released on Sosumi, Flamingo and more. Last but not least, Sarajevo’s boys Drop Department!

‘Take Me Now’ is a feel-good yet catchy piece of progressive house reminiscent of the 2011/2012 era. Featuring driving drums and a melodic break built upon dramatic build-ups, the vocal lead unleashes until it gets ready for a climactic drop which truly “takes you” on a musical journey.

Just like the previous BMD Ψ FRIENDS tracks, ‘Take Me Now’ is available for free. You can download from the link below:

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