Bruce Grey returns on Vagabond with ‘Hopes & Dreams’

Bruce Grey
Bruce Grey

It’s dreamy, intimate, and soft, Hopes & Dreams, Bruce Grey‘s latest drop on Vagabond. The song marks the second installment on the label.

A place between what’s real and what’s not, Vagabond welcomes up-and-coming talent with unique sounds. This could be in short the bio of Bruce Grey where faithful vibes and devoted beats met for an exotic journey. Having debuted on the label with Show You, this Hopes & Dreams could be considered the follow-up.

The track starts off nicely and continues with a shining yet melancholic mood that hits the listener right in the heart. Hopes & Dreams twists and turns effortlessly, while sad angelic vocals blend seamlessly with the driving baseline and mysterious melodies, tugging at the heartstrings until you get chills.

Everything is smooth, chill, relaxing, and hypnotic with soothing piano vibes and surreal arpeggios. The surreal vocal flows through the transcendent main theme for romantic and yet visionary feelings.

The track is out now on Vagabond where the label’s philosophy is to create a unique and dynamic club music sound.

Bruce Grey Hopes & Dreams is out now and you can stream and download following this link.