Cafe De Anatolia empowers feminism with Odna live from the desert

Odna Experience live at Siwa Oasis, Egypt performs Macica with Cafe De Anatolia (Prod. by Adam Husa)
Odna Experience live at Siwa Oasis, Egypt performs Macica with Cafe De Anatolia (Prod. by Adam Husa)
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Macica” is a Polish song spell created to help women awake and embody their full power.

The song was written on a full moon in a trance improvisational flow, as part of Odna Experience‘s ceremonial process, with a Canadian-Egyptian producer- Adam Huss, who beautifully surrendered to the feminine energetical lead and held open-minded, allowing and patient space for both artists’ creativity to bloom. The video was released on the main Youtube channel of Cafe De Anatolia:

Hear the artist’s artistic response to Poland’s abortion law restrictions roared in a hypnotic Moon Valley in Siwa Oasis. Odna is dancing in a union with a beautiful dress designed in collaboration with local women of the land, embracing the folk culture of the Slavic and Amazigh tribes.

Odna Experience live at Siwa Oasis, Egypt performs Macica with Cafe De Anatolia (Prod. by Adam Husa)

This song has been born through a fire of inner conflict, a conflict that I feel is present in the collective body of current human awareness, yet rooted in the depths of our collective amnesia to the true power of creation and remembrance of who women are and what women’s bodies are capable of.

How can we honour the life and free will at the same time? How can we remember our power and the fact that our will over our bodies can not be taken away from us even when written on paper as a law? Maybe, we can simply feel it, again.  I believe in a conscious relationship with the body, one that allows for conscious creation and conscious release of creation.

Until we get there as a whole, men and women, I believe we need to honor accidents, emergencies, and violation of free will, in which case our society and modern medicine  is here to help us. – Odna

The movement started over a year ago; women’s rights in Poland and then recently in the USA have been questioned and threatened by a will to control the new life and „mothers’ God-given ability and right to decide what’s best for us and our children” she says. Odna believes women have been chosen by creation to be the gatekeepers of life and no governmental forces will ever change that.

One of the main causes of our company is to be an active participant and supporter of gender equality and women’s rights discussions on a national and global level. We believe that through art and music we can express so much more and make an impact when we don’t have any other ground for that. Having options, free speech and equality have always been something that our company strives for. This was a great collaboration with Odna and it was very well accepted by people. The passion for Social Justice combined with the passion for music and art will always give you great results. – Monika Ilieva (Cofounder of Cafe De Anatolia)

Once again Cafe De Anatolia put itself on the leading front when it comes to women’s rights and feminist battles. A label that not only delivers high-quality music but the constant idea to send a positive message to the world.

It is important for our company to support the artists and help them express themselves in the best possible way. Our company has always been socially and politically responsible and our goal was always to be active participant and supporter of these discussions – Nikola Iliev a.k.a Nickarth (Cofounder of Cafe De Anatolia)