Charlotte de Witte Return To Nowhere EP
Charlotte de Witte Return To Nowhere EP

Charlotte de Witte drops hypnotizing ‘Return to Nowhere EP’

‘Return to Nowhere EP’, an hypnotizing new four-track EP via de Witte's imprint KNTXT

Charlotte de Witte marks the homecoming to her own imprint KNTXT with her brand new EP ‘Return to Nowhere’. The captivating record exists out of four long-awaited tracks called ‘Return to Nowhere’, ‘Ensemble’, ‘Sgadi Li Mi’, and ‘What’s In The Past’.

Further exploring her sonic realm, the record features techno sound reminiscent of her Selected’ EP, but switches out the acid stabs for haunting hymns. The result is a gripping dismal soundtrack that feels desolate yet hopeful. With this spellbinding EP which combines her iconic hard-punching techno with mesmerizing chants effortlessly, Charlotte proves once again why she remains at the forefront of the industry.

Kicking off with Sgadi Li Mi the record mix hard and fast-hitting percussive rhythm with a narcotic and Arabian-driven vocal that keeps the listener into a limbo whit hard beats on one side and soft and intimate details on the other. The acid elements never fail as they’re an important part of the drop. The EP title track is up next with its even hard percussions and, yet again a soothing but, this time, more cinematic vocal on top which has been cleverly processed to follow the beat melody on the second part. Ensemble follows the same path of the previous two tracks but with a more melodic imprint, especially on the central part of the tune. Nevertheless, the hard-hitting percussions always dominate the record. Last but not least, What’s In The Past closes the EP with a record that is more a movie soundtrack, a true touch of class from Charlotte on this EP.

I made the EP before the current COVID-19 crisis. After being inspired by recordings of age-old traditional chants. So, I never intended it to be a “Corona record”. However, it did grow on me during this period of isolation. – Charlotte de Witte

The release of ‘Return to Nowhere’ fits perfectly in these uncertain times.

Charlotte de Witte ‘Return to Nowhere’ EP is out now on KNTXT. Download here or stream below.