Chloé Caillet
Chloé Caillet

Chloé Caillet returns on Circoloco Records with ‘Know Now’

The rising DJ and producer returns to CircoLoco Records with her first single of 2023

The second song from Chloé Caillet‘s much-awaited EP, “Know Now” feat. Poté, sees her return to CircoLoco Records.

A heartfelt synth-heavy track with an electro vibe, “Know Now” is the most emotive song the Ibiza-based DJ and producer has ever produced. The single is textured by rich vocals from rising star Poté, whose lush tones complement the track’s chilly soundscape of deep bass and piercing synths.

‘Know Now’ was my attempt to recreate the mental journey I was on during the pandemic. Layered with Pote’s enveloping vocals, the song criticizes our desire to know too much sometimes the less you know, the better. – Chloé Caillet

Chloé Caillet’s second single for CircoLoco Records, “Know Now,” is a powerful departure from the club dynamics of her debut single, “NYWTF” featuring Mikhail Beltran. It also serves as the ideal showcase for the growing sophistication of Caillet’s production work and her collaborations with up-and-coming artists as she prepares for a huge year as a DJ and producer with upcoming sets at Coachella and other major music festivals.

Poté, her most recent associate, continues his great career. With a long list of collaborators that includes people like Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz, as well as Chloé, the St. Lucia-born, Paris-based artist is well known for his distinctive fusion of dynamic Caribbean sounds and emotionally charged songwriting. Icons like Benji B and Bonobo have already embraced him.

The eighth release from the label, a ground-breaking relationship between CircoLoco and Rockstar Games, will be the result of the most recent partnership between Chloé Caillet and CircoLoco Records. Dedicated to uniquely presenting, supporting, and elevating forward-thinking music and culture, the imprint embodies both brands’ longstanding history of championing and elevating club culture, as well as generations of underground DJs, artists, and icons on a global scale.

Chloé Cailet and Poté are two up-and-coming megastars, and their single “Know Now” follows CircoLoco Records’ tradition of exploring the most intriguing facets of electronic music.