Christian Löffler
Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler collaborates with Henry Green on ‘New Fires’

Christian Löffler will release his newest song, “New Fires,” with singer-songwriter Henry Green in the midst of the success of his ongoing tour. The Bristol-based artist has become renowned for his distinctive blend of indie, folk, and electronic, effortlessly weaving cross-genre features into tonally intimate arrangements.

Over 70 million Spotify streams have been made possible by his distinctive style, and some of his biggest fans include well-known artists like Nick Mulvey and London Grammar.

Green’s gentle voice takes the lead on their most recent release, which is supported by Löffler’s pounding beats and comforting static sounds. The instrumentals of the song progress around the voice, reaching a thunderous club soundscape climax. In between the cathartic peaks, Green’s whispers embrace the listener softly.

Similar to many of Löffler’s early compositions, New Fires is both danceable and nostalgic, and it strongly suggests the desire to flee or break free.

By summoning the forces of nature in his melodic techno style and immersive live performances, Christian Löffler has established himself as a singular figure in the electronic music scene. It would be difficult to locate a nation in which Löffler hasn’t performed because he has adorned the stages of packed concert halls and served as the festival’s headlining act everywhere, bringing to audiences all the serenity and radiance of his audio-visual productions. Recently, he has performed at the Barbican in London, and he now embarks on a tour around Europe and the US.