CIRCOLOCO lands in Madrid on May with Peggy Gou as headliner

Circoloco Shot by Off Brand Project.

The capital of Spain will soon host the most famous event in the world. The inaugural CIRCOLOCO in DC-10 revolutionized clubbing history forever in 1999. An absolute symbol of the underground, this iconic brand from Ibiza has one of the strongest reputations in the industry thanks to an unrivaled legacy whose roots stretch all over the world. On Friday, May 12, it will make its next visit to Madrid, precisely in hall 3 of IFEMA MADRID.

It is a long day that will be driven by its unadulterated passion for dance music and defense of the traditional character. It offers a distinct, unique sound with an overpowering party atmosphere and an amazing line-up. CIRCOLOCO didn’t want to take any chances for this very special event, so it has lined up the most well-known performers of the moment, including Peggy Gou, PAWSA, ANOTR, Skream, Desirée, and Tania Vulcano.

One of the key figures in the present international music scene is Peggy Gou. Her distinctive style, which veers between Detroit, London, and Berlin, is notable, particularly for the way it creates powerful compositions. Attending one of her DJ sets is witnessing how creativity challenges house and techno.

CIRCOLOCO Madrid 2023
CIRCOLOCO Madrid 2023

A key player in the modern music business is PAWSA. He is well-known for his distinctive sound, which is a dance-floor-focused tech house with an old-school vibe. He has developed a reputation as a great curator because of his settings, which are painstakingly designed and full of mood. With his music speaking for itself, PAWSA is a true force to be reckoned with.

The Dutch ANOTR have pushed their way into the scene. Despite being young, this pair put forth a lot of effort to become the perfection they are now. That impossible balance of original sound, energy, innovation, and talent to take on the world.

Skream is well known for having a significant impact on the dubstep genre and has succeeded in the kind of career that many others only dream of. His passion and enthusiasm for electronic music remain as strong as ever, currently exploring a diverse range of genres from disco to house and techno, his name has become synonymous with producing and DJing the highest quality music.

Artist Desirée bravely accepts change and challenges preconceptions. Her music defies classification, encompassing a broad range of genres like breaks, electro, house, and techno. Her sets exude pure energy, and her music is defined by dynamic and transient melodies.

And Tania Vulcano is without a doubt the CIRCOLOCO’s first lady and the ruler of DC-10. The artist, who was present when it all began, contributed to the promotion of this ground-breaking underground movement. In fact, her voice has become the brand’s best symbol and distinguishing feature.

CIRCOLOCO Madrid’s early bird and opening round tickets are all sold out. The sale has reopened, and tickets are available now for €44 via DICE.

Don’t pass on this opportunity; it’s sure to be one you’ll never forget!