Code Red Presents: Gott & Blandat EP

If you remember, a few days ago we talked about the imminent release of Nicky Romero present ADE 2016 compilation.

Today is the turn of another compilation, more precisely an EP. In fact, just yesterday, on the Code Red Records Soundcloud channel appeared this Cod Red Presents: Got & Blandat EP accompanied by the following description:

“Following in just after ‘Amsterdam’ is a brand new Code Red talent manifestation. Outlining assorted styles, ‘Gott & Blandat’ is a subtle nod to the renowned Swedish candy of it’s name, containing several flavors and a variety of colors. Hence, here you will find a selection of virtuoso that have been in our sights for some time now.”

The EP contains four tracks of Regilio, Gemini, David Pietras and Dawiid & Josef K respectively. The style is typical of Code Red, groovy bassline and amazing melodies!

Below you will find all the tracks for listening. Enjoy!