Colyn Resolve EP Afterlife

Colyn delivers massive 4-track EP Resolve on Afterlife

Resolve, Eriador, Exchange, and Gravity shape Colyn's new EP on Tale Of Us' imprint, merging deep and hypnotic techno with AFterlife's melodic soul.

Afterlife fans will be more than happy to enjoy this 4-track incredible Resolve EP by Colyn, marking the 29th release of Tale Of Us’ imprint.

After an incredible success of his own Amor of the last Realm of Consciousness, the Netherlands talent Colyn is back on Tale Of Us’ imprint Afterlife. Four melodic-techno infested tune that will make you dance sunset to sunrise bringing into a parallel universe of intimate but yet euphoric vibes.

Kicking off with the title track Colyn starts the things slowly with a deep and mystical opening, packed with a hypnotic beat and soaring synth lines. The simple vocal that guides the records is worthy for the most epic moments into a DJ set. Resolve outro perfectly match Eriador intro with its crescendo arpeggios. The tune is comparatively restrained, with gently rolling drums and unusual flourishes to finally jump into its iconic breakdown. This specific track has been played massively in the past month by Tale Of Us worldwide.

Exchange starts the B-side of Resolve EP vinyl with one of the deepest rolling rhythm and baseline you will hear from a melodic-techno track. The soft mystical vocal at the end mixed with a minimal techno melody gives the perfect spin for the last record of the EP. Gravity brings the most euphoric vibes of Afterlife; Colyn has packed deeply moving techno cuts with a clean beat delivering the perfect closing for this magical EP.

An instant classic for Afterlife, Colyn Resolve EP is out now on both vinyl and digital copy. You can check the stream below or download your copy here. Don’t forget Tale Of Us will host Afterlife’s closing party at Hi Ibiza this October. If you’re a fan from the US instead, you may be interested in Afterlife’s Gate to the Unknown party at the Brooklyn Mirage.