Coqui Selection Selecta ep Love Vibration Nation the CoCreators James Bratch

Spanish producer Coqui Selection is back with an enthusiastic track called Selecta

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Love Vibration Nation is back with an old-school style track by Coqui Selection including 3 different mixes: the main mix, the CoCreators SoundClash Mix, and the James Bratch Jackin Mix.

Coqui Selection is from Valencia, Spain, and he has played in a huge number of clubs and festivals in the last two years. He has released more than 70 tracks that include originals and remixes and now he is back with a banging new record!

The main mix of the track is tech house & has a funky vibe which includes a catchy sample that makes the track unforgettable. The CoCreators have brought more energy in the track by giving to it the “Miami vibes”; it’s a perfect mix which can be used by DJs for warming-up the dancefloor. It includes banging horns that make the crowd jumping.

The CoCreators is a group of 3 international music producers who have released around 25 singles under their own names which include 2 top ten hits in Europe and a number 1 hit in the UK. These guys are supported by White Resonance, Donovan, Andy Norman and many big DJs that play in festivals.

The final mix is by James Bratch, a music producer who is influenced by Jazz, Hip Hop as well as Tech House. He has created an infectious disco vibe with funky guitars and a thick bassline.

Coqui Selection has returned to Love Vibration Nation with his new energetic EP called “Selecta”

Love Vibration Nation are helping upcoming artists to reach out their music to the mass audience and one thing is sure that they are choosing quality over quantity. We are blessed to have 3 mixes of this track by Coqui Selection! If you would like to listen to these fantastic mixes then you can click here and also let us know about your personal favorite in the comment section.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]