Creamfields 2019

Creamfields to improve its services for 2020 edition + first headliner

Security improvement, more staff member, a new water supply system and more are the improvements of Creamfields 2020

Creamfields festival is going to improve its services and step up your festival experience for the 2020 edition.

Electronic music festivals are cool but, it’s not always all about lineups, DJs, and stages; a lot more are the so-called “subsidiary services” like environmental impact, food, drinks, showers, camping site and more. This year Creamfields festival has faced some serious problems that have been faced and in part fixed (we have described our experience here). To improve, even more, Creamfields have now decided to invest even more in these services with a £2 million investment.

2020 will see us celebrate 15 years in Daresbury, Cheshire, the success of the festival rests upon our continued investment to evolve and improve and listening to the valuable input and feedback from you the fans who attend year on year. It’s with this commitment to delivering the best possible show that 2020 will mark a new era for Creamfields with a £2 million investment going towards a number of key areas to ensure a better and safer customer experience. These changes and improvements are just the beginning and we will be updating you with what we have in store along the way. – Creamfields

First of all, there will be an improvement in the security field with the installation of a CCTV service in the car park. Besides that, it’s not clear what they are going to improve but, a bigger number of security and more trained for the task would be good.

Water will be also at the center of this big investment; a new water supply will be used and more water points will be installed. Shower facilities will be also improved as well as the toilet and the number of people of cleaning staff will be increased.

The camping site will be revisited adding better signage and a revisitation of the hubs.

Last but not least Creamfields will add incentives for the recycling (we don’t know in which form yet).

Of course, this has been just a first announcement so, we’re sure in the future we know more and in-depth about it.

Good news is not over yet; Creamfields festival has just announced its first headliner for the 2020 edition. We’re talking about trance legend and A State Of Trance owner. Armin Van Buuren will join Creamfields 2020 for another successful edition.

More info about prices and future lineup here.