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Daddy’s Groove is ready to deploy another latino-groove banger

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Respectable Italian DJ and producer, Daddy’s Groove is going to start this 2018 with the bang. His new track, in collaboration with Ferdy, is a latino-groovy one perfect to inflame the dancefloor.

Daddy’s Groove, as the name suggests, is not new to the groovy scene, indeed, his sound is always orbiting around this genre. We are talking as there’s only one guy behind Daddy’s Groove but, the Daddy’s Groove project is composed of two people: Carlo Grieco and Peppe Folliero. We leave you the link to the Wikipedia page if you want more information. (check their collab with Kryder here)

Talking about the track, it’s called “Latido” and it’s not very clear where the track will be released. One thing is certain though. It will be out the 29th of this month on Spinnin’ Records. It’s not clear if it will be released on the main label or on SPRS (We are more likely to believe that it will come out in SPRS given the music genre).

Daddy’s Groove is ready to deploy another latino-groove banger called “Latido” on Spinnin’ sub-label SPRS at the end of the month.

This isn’t a solo track for the Daddy’s Groove guys which have teamed up with Ferdy, a mysterious guy whom Facebook’s page seems to be created recently.

“Latido” is a very nice groovy-latino record, as the name suggests, with Brazilian and carnival influences. It features nice background percussion and baseline plus an ethnic vocal. “Latido” isn’t the usual tribal track you’re used to hearing around; it’s something fresh and very unique.

We suggest you keep an eye on this track, especially during the Miami Music Week thanks to its hot and summer vibes.

You can listen to it in exclusive below or by clicking here thanks to our friends at Speeeedy EDM Blog.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]