Damian Lazarus announces Day Zero Masada: Dwellers of the Dead Sea

Bringing Day Zero’s Celebration of Ancient Cultures to Israel on September 27, with a lineup packed of top-notch artists.

Damian Lazarus is back announcing another incredible show, this time on the breathtaking location of Masada Arena, in Israel’s Dead Sea region.

Day Zero Masada: Dwellers of the Dead Sea will debut with a strong lineup of dance veterans and rising talents, with Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, and of course, Damian Lazarus as headlining talents. Monolink and Satori with both be bringing their well-known live setups to the arena, while Chaim. Daví (live), Ae:ther, and Day Zero regulars Bedouin and Magit Cacoon will also be in attendance.

Damian Lazarus Day Zero Masada Dwellers Dead Sea Israel lineup

Day Zero Masada: Dwellers of the Dead Sea will gather party people from around the world to this unique world heritage site, just a stone’s throw from the Biblical ruins of Sodom & Gomorrah. The singular desert experience will run from sunset to sunrise, towered over by the historical mountain beside the Dead Sea that connects Israel and Jordan.

Be also prepared to come back to Mexico. Day Zero Tulum to follow on January 10, 2020.

Day Zero Masada: Dwellers of the Dead Sea

Where: Masada Arena, Israel’s Dead Sea region.

When: September 27, 2019. From 4 PM to 6 AM of the day after.

Lineup: Ae:ther (live), Bedouin, Chaim, Damian Lazarus, Davi (live), Gorgon City, Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, Magit Cacoon, Monolink (live), Satori (live).

Tickets: buy here.