Denis Horvat Miracle Of The Rose EP Afterlife

Denis Horvat returns on Afterlife with ‘Miracle Of The Rose EP’

Tale Of Us' imprint Afterlife welcomes again Denis Horvat with his 5-track ‘Miracle Of The Rose EP’.

After an incredible debut last year with ‘Modelo EP’, Denis Horvat is back on Afterlife with yet another outstanding release. Composed by 4 track, ‘Miracle Of The Rose EP’ will guide you into a journey from the happier and melodic vibes of ‘Noise’ to the deep and underground rhythm of ‘Divin’.

Miracle Of The Rose’, an evocative and authentic development of Horvat’s sound. Kicking off with ‘Noise’, the track is everything but noise. The vocals of Lelah give way to a stripped-down, reverberant groove. Everything is perfectly mixed together delivering one of the greatest tune we have heard this year. The title track rises with a free-flowing melody before dropping a tough, angular beat. The top melody, perfectly driven by a clean beat will bring you down to the darkest area of techno. ‘Divin’ is the EP’s deepest cut; starting with low kicks and a minimal bassline, ‘Divin’ continues before digital only track ‘Royale’ rounds off this diverse release with flair.

Denis Horvat ‘Miracle Of The Rose EP’ is the 25th release on Afterlife, confirming Tale Of Us’ imprint leadership on the underground music environment. The full EP has been released last Friday and it’s now available worldwide for the stream and download. You can follow this link or check the full 4-track Denis Horvat ‘Miracle Of The Rose EP’ below. Horvat has recently delivered a 6-track EP for Diynamic’s series ‘Picture’, too.

Don’t forget to catch the Afterlife party around the globe; Tale Of Us have recently announced a massive party in their hometown Milan with a stellar lineup. More info following this link.