Ticket platform DICE acquire BOILER ROOM

Music discovery and ticketing platform DICE has acquired pioneering electronic music live streaming platform Boiler Room

DICE boiler room
DICE boiler room

Boiler Room, the pioneering underground and electronic music live streaming platform, has been acquired by DICE, the fast-growing music discovery and ticketing platform.

The two platforms will combine to offer the best live and live stream fan experiences by combining DICE’s curated discovery technology and ticketing capabilities with Boiler Room’s extensive and unique music programming.

The acquisition and CEO’S comments.

The two platforms will collaborate to improve Boiler Room’s offering and drive additional revenue to artists, rights holders, collectives, festivals, and clubs, as well as provide the tools and solutions needed to help partners and creators thrive in the challenging and ever-changing music ecosystem.

I’ve been a fan of Boiler Room for years and they’re world leading in bringing incredible experiences to fans. Blaise [Boiler Room CEO] and I have been discussing for over a year how to support artists better and the more we spoke, the more excited we were to work together. The combination of Boiler Room with the distribution and technology of DICE creates substantial opportunities in a sustainable, transparent and fair model. – Phil Hutcheon, Founder and CEO of DICE

Boiler Room began as a webcam taped to a wall that opened a keyhole into London’s thriving underground more than a decade ago. Since 2010, Boiler Room has built a unique archive spanning over 8000 performances by more than 5000 artists across 200 cities – playing an essential role in supporting and amplifying underground music globally.

DICE has built an incredible platform by being laser-focused on creating the best possible experience for fans and event partners – their app now has millions of music fans accessing live music around the world. My experience when talking to Phil was inspiring and he immediately recognised how important Boiler Room is, and how much potential we have. I believe deeply that the best way for Boiler Room to evolve is by partnering with a company that values what we are today, and provides the tools we need to grow into the future – we play to our strengths and they to theirs. DICE’s belief in ‘powering’ us but allowing Boiler Room to remain our own independent entity, all of this will enable us to move into a new era and be the best version of ourselves. – Blaise Belville, Boiler Room, founder

Boiler Room and DICE’s vision.

Boiler Room will be able to continue to push its core initiatives while also paying all artists for broadcasting – championing diverse artists and scenes through broadcasts, tours and festivals, documentaries, original content, apparel collaborations, and more. In the past year alone, these initiatives have led to standout moments including a critically-acclaimed celebration of the New South Asian Underground featuring Yung Singh & Daytimers, a showcase of Auckland’s premiere QTIPOC collective FILTH, as well as clothing collaborations with Sherelle & Eris Drew, and grants supporting collectives Nyege Nyege and Masisi in the broadcast space.

DICE has revolutionized ticketing and changed how fans discover and attend events since its inception in 2014. The platform offers fans and the industry a transparent ‘fan-first’ model and mobile-first platform that prevents the secondary resale of tickets and inflated prices.

DICE, with a mission to bring people together to enjoy shows, uses cutting-edge technology to make it simple for fans to discover and purchase tickets in seconds. DICE has clear upfront pricing and features such as refunds on sold-out shows and a popular “Waitlist” feature that allows diehard fans to get early access to the most popular concerts while also ensuring that venues are fully booked, garnering industry support. The platform introduced high-quality livestreaming to its offering last year to great success, having supported over 6400 artists and selling tickets in 147 countries.

A new Boiler Room board has been formed with Terry Weerasinghe, Blaise Bellville, Ibtisam Omer, and Phil Hutcheon, and over time this will be grown with new member appointments. Both teams will expand across a number of locations as a result of this merger.