Dozer's Bottle In The Mix George Z remix
Dozer's Bottle In The Mix George Z remix official cover art

Dozer’s Bottle In The Mix receives stunning remix by George Z

A catchy top melody and sulfuric vibes, George Z remix of Dozer's Bottle In The Mix is out now for free via Groove Bassment.

Bottle In The Mix by Dozer receives a massive house makeup by Italian producer George Z.

With its 62.000 streams and counting only on Soundcloud, Dozer’s Bottle In The Mix was a massive success. A rolling rhythm and a clean but pumping top melody helped to achieve such success. Now, six months later, George Z jumps into the remix with an even harder version. Injecting a really catchy top melody and adding sulfuric vibes, George Z has turned the drop into a house banger. taking inspiration from Fisher’s baseline and adding a super fresh and original drop-melody, the track has instantly become a club banger.

The original mix and George Z remix are both available via Groove Bassment. You can steam them on your favorite music platform or simply download on your device for free.

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