EDC Las Vegas 2024 special guest is… Fred Again!

Fred Again
Fred Again

The energy at EDC Las Vegas 2024 hit a whole new level just minutes ago, when Fred Again.. played a surprise set that stunned everyone there.

In the hours before his surprise set, Fred Again.. made a lot of people guess with a number of cryptic Instagram stories. His posts showed views of Las Vegas, like the Sphere and the huge EDC festival grounds reflected in his sunglasses.

The energy at circuitGROUNDS was evident as the night went on. There were a lot of excited fans on the huge stage. At exactly 11:30 PM, the lights went out and everyone quieted down. All of a sudden, the stage went wild with lights and sounds as Fred Again.. took his place behind the decks.

Fred Again.. gave a master class in live computer music for the next 90 minutes. His set was a smooth mix of emotional tunes and high-energy beats that made everyone feel completely happy. Tracks like “Turn On The Lights Again” played over and over again, and the crowd sang along to their catchy choruses.

What the crowd did was nothing short of amazing. From the first drop to the last note, the crowd of ravers danced and cheered. It was clear that the artist and the crowd were on the same page. Each beat and melody made a unique tapestry of sound and feeling that people will never forget.

One excited fan who goes to EDC often said, “I’ve seen some amazing sets at EDC over the years, but Fred Again…’s surprise performance tonight was next level. Everything was great—the energy, the music, and everything else.

The full set record is coming soon…