Eli & Fur Unleash Dark ‘Follow The Dark – Part II’ EP

Eli & Fur 'Follow The Dark - Part II' EP
Eli & Fur 'Follow The Dark - Part II' EP

London-based DJ and production duo Eli & Fur have been making waves in the electronic music scene with their unique blend of dark and melodic sounds. Following the success of their first installment, Eli & Fur are back with ‘Follow The Dark – Part II,’ a mesmerizing EP that delves deeper into their signature style. This new release showcases their ability to create hauntingly beautiful tracks that transport listeners to a realm of introspection and emotion.

Better In The Dark: A Dark and Moody Delight

The EP kicks off with ‘Better In The Dark,’ a track that perfectly encapsulates the duo’s knack for crafting dark and moody vibes. The pulsating bassline, combined with haunting vocals and atmospheric synths, creates an irresistible allure. Eli & Fur’s meticulous attention to detail shines through in this brooding piece, drawing listeners into a sonic landscape that lingers long after the song ends.

Where Do We Go From Here: Exploring New Directions

Where Do We Go From Here‘ showcases Eli & Fur’s willingness to explore new sonic territories while staying true to their signature sound. This track weaves together intricate percussion, ethereal melodies, and hypnotic vocal samples, creating a captivating atmosphere that feels both familiar and fresh. It’s a testament to the duo’s ability to evolve their musical style while maintaining a distinct sense of identity.

Last Train: An Ethereal Finale

As the EP draws to a close, Eli & Fur treat us to ‘Last Train,’ a beautifully crafted track that wraps listeners in a cocoon of ethereal sounds. With its delicate melodies, lush textures, and introspective lyrics, this song transports us to a dreamlike state where time slows down, and emotions take center stage. ‘Last Train’ is the perfect conclusion to a journey through the depths of Eli & Fur’s musical universe.

A Stellar Edit and Exciting Performances

In addition to the three original tracks, ‘Follow The Dark – Part II‘ also features an exceptional edit of ‘Skyway,’ their debut release on Cercle Records. This reimagined version breathes new life into the already mesmerizing track, offering a fresh perspective for both new and longtime fans.

Eli & Fur are set to have an action-packed summer with a lineup of exciting performances. They will be gracing the stages of the iconic Brighton On The Beach Festival alongside electronic music heavyweights Eric Prydz and Adam Bayer. Furthermore, they will also be taking part in a series of Anjunadeep shows, including a highly anticipated performance at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Fans can expect an immersive experience filled with their enchanting tracks and captivating stage presence.