Orbital remix legendary Energy 52 ‘Cafe Del Mar’


Café Del Mar by Energy 52 is one of the most famous dance songs ever. This instrumental trance anthem, which came out in 1993, was named after a popular beach bar on the Balearic island of Ibiza. It quickly became associated with the happy, sun-soaked vibe of Ibiza’s dance culture.

The track, which was made by German DJs Kid Paul and Cosmic Baby, has mesmerizing tunes and uplifting harmonies that make it perfect for a sunset. Its strong popularity is shown by how well it did on the charts and by the many re-releases and remixes (like Tale Of Us remix of Cafe del Mar) by top acts that have made it a part of dance music culture for decades.

Café Del Mar has become famous over the years and is often included in lists of the best dance songs of all time. It was voted No. 1 on Mixmag’s 2001 list of the “Top 100 Tunes of All Time”. Café Del Mar is a cultural phenomenon that captures the spirit of a time and has had an impact on many artists and fans over the years. Orbital and Michael Mayer, two of the most respected names in electronic music, are now remixing this famous song.

Brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll make up the pioneering British electronic dance band Orbital. Since their formation in 1989, they have continued to shape the electronic music scene. They had a big impact on dance and electronic music with their groundbreaking live shows and important songs like “Halcyon + On + On.”

For 2024, Orbital stayed popular by putting out a well-reviewed record and going on a world tour. It showed off their ability to mix modern electronic sounds with their own unique style. Their ability to keep being creative and flexible has left a legacy that connects the early rave scene to today’s electronic music scene, solidifying their standing as long-lasting icons in the genre.

Icy breakbeats and an ethereal synth line pulse through the beginning of Orbital’s remix, which is a tribute to the golden age of rave. The famous lead warps into view. Before hitting the other side with a flurry of synths, scythed percussion, and a pounding 4/4 beat, they keep the famous, scary breakdown.

Check out Cafe del Mar Orbital remix.

Energy 52: Café Del Mar (Orbital Remix) (official music video)