Eric Prydz PRYDA 15 Vol. II

Eric Prydz returns in full force with PRYDA 15 Vol. II

PRYDA 15 Vol. II is a collection of 8 exclusive records crafted by Mr. Eric Prydz himself.

PRYDA 15 Vol. II is the brand new release by Swedish maestro Eric Prydz on his own imprint.

Teased since the release of the Vol. I, PRYDA 15 Vol. II is a collection of 8 exclusive records by Mr. Eric Prydz himself. Kicking off with Sonar the track features old-house style rhythm and shakers filled with a mysterious top melody. Everything goes dark and deep into the drop, with minimal kicks and crescendo long melody lines.

Moving on the second track, From Withing goes really deep and underground with its beat. Hypnotic synth melody will drive you to The Riddle. Thanks to its stand out plucked melody, the record will stick in your head. The Riddle features also the half-tempo famous Pryda snare.

Next one is Humlan, a track that jumps into the melodic techno environment. Thanks to its simple but effective melodies and clean beat, Humlan is a turning point into the EP. Filled with techy and clean percussions, Humlan preceded Legacy, a track that will drag you down into the deepest Pryda vibes. With its hypnotic melody and beat, the tune gives way to Villa Mercedes.

With the soft and mystical top synth and an “Afterlife-oriented” sound, The Hiidden could be easily a Tale Of Us’ tune. Last but not least, to perfectly closing this amazing 8-tune compilation, we find The Drive, another melody-driven record, suspended into a limbo between techno and progressive.

Out now worldwide, PRYDA 15 Vol. II is available for the stream below or here.