Fejká drops second album “Hiraeth”

The meticulously constructed fusion of Henry Green‘s tenderly intimate vocals and Fejká‘s signature warm electronic talent results in the song “Shades of You,” which delivers everything you would anticipate. Characterized by its bittersweet electronic indie-pop charm, it contains a realm of synth-coated melodies and tender lyrics, which in turn allow for an atmosphere of passionate emotion and desire, all the while anchored by Fejká’s thrillingly dynamic beats.

Along with the release of the album Hiraeth, “Shades of You” is also released.

Fejká’s highly awaited second album, “Hiraeth,” was produced after he returned to an intimate and very personal period of music production following a tour of several European nations. The album explores a realm of intense emotion and wonder. Whereas day and night, dreaming and dancing, the quick and the slow, might naturally diverge, he is able to delicately balance them, producing sounds that are simultaneously delightfully ethereal and exhilaratingly dynamic.

Hiraeth’, meaning ‘long gone’, describes a certain sense of nostalgia for a place that might never be reached, or a place that might never be returned to, with an overarching feeling of longing throughout. Fejká describes the album’s ups and downs as feeling “like the experience of being taken on a journey for the last time,” keeping listeners on their toes.