Ferreck Dawn and Todd Terry Team Up on ‘Get on Down’

Ferreck Dawn
Ferreck Dawn

On their debut release for Insomniac Records, Dutch artist Ferreck Dawn and the legendary Todd Terry collaborate on an immediate classic called “Get on Down,” which features a stone-cold vocal sample.

Get on Down a Capering House Collab by Ferreck Dawn and Todd Terry on Insomniac

The brand-new song serves as an example of the visceral impact a straightforward yet potent vocal sample can have on dance music. Yet what really sets “Get on Down” apart is how expertly these two masters of their craft engage their soulful topline. Dawn and Terry’s collaboration is ready and primed for peak-time deployment as evidenced by the way they present fragments of their sample during the introduction before slamming immediately into its iconic strutting beat.

Get On Down” is locked down by a throbbing bassline that slams enough to shake the four walls of any club, though its vocal sample is slowly unraveled across several stages, before a longform break in the single’s middle act eventually sees it unveiled in all its glory. Drum rolls increase the tension during the buildup, and when the song drops, this powerful duo lets go and lets the vocal take center stage as “Get on Down” rolls along to a raucous finale.

According to Ferreck Dawn, the new song was initially created only on the basis of the vocal sample, but once Todd Terry joined the project, it gradually developed into a fully realized collaborative effort.

I came across the vocal sample, and straightaway I really liked the old-school disco vibes of it. I felt that it needed a driving beat and a big break with a long build up. I worked on it for a while, and then sent it to Todd Terry to see how he felt. He loved it, worked on it, and that’s how we finished the track. – Ferreck Dawn

The artists: Ferreck Dawn and Todd Terry

The publication of the single, according to Ferreck Dawn, is a significant milestone for various reasons: He declares, “I’m very eager for my debut release on Insomniac Records.” “I’ve been a fan of the label for a while, and I really enjoy the releases, so I’m thrilled to be a part of it now. I feel privileged to be working on this project with house music king Todd Terry! I can’t wait for the release because I’ve been playing ‘Get on Down’ everywhere and the reception has just been incredible.

I have been a fan of Ferreck’s production for some time. It was great working with him on this release. – Todd Terry

The Dutch prodigy Ferreck Dawn has been making waves in the house industry for more than 20 years, creating grooves that are designed for the dancefloor and are infused with soul, melody, and intricate percussion patterns. The Grammy-nominated producer/remixer Toddy Terry, a living icon from New York City who was at the forefront of the house movement even before the year 2000, has served as a beacon for the international house movement. “Get on Down” is a club-friendly track that takes notes from the old-school playbook while keeping its footwork focused toward the future. It has the ideal balance of soul and musical harmony.

The new track “Get on Down” by Todd Terry and Ferreck Dawn is out now on all platforms thanks to Insomniac Records.