DGTL India 2022
DGTL India 2022

DGTL India 2022: An unforgettable weekend for the ravers

Iconic Amsterdam festival, DGTL, landed for another successful edition in Mumbai and New Delhi, India

Following successful festivals in Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Bengaluru, DGTL made its debut in Mumbai & Delhi last weekend with DGTL India.

The Delhi edition took place on December 9th and 10th, and the Mumbai edition on December 10th and 11th. With a stellar DJ lineup featuring Solomun, Dubfire, Colyn, Patrice Bäumel, and more, it was easy to see why the venue was packed to the gills. DGTL Mumbai was able to satisfy everyone throughout the weekend with a wide range of music genres, including Techno, Progressive House, and Groove, to name a few. With four stages (Modular, Gain, Boiler Room & Generator) encompassing a variety of sounds, the overall experience was truly sensational.

Keeping in mind the concepts of art, architecture, and music, the stages had a very industrial design. The Modular stage was situated inside a warehouse, giving a 90s rave foundation with world-class visuals. The attendees were immediately attracted by the impeccable lasers and visuals, which are necessary to generate mind-boggling moments and get a staggering experience on the dancefloor. Speaking of the Boiler Room stage, it gave the audience a chance to have an intimate encounter with their favorite underground DJ sets. Nesco Center (Location) as a whole had tremendous energy and the DGTL team deserves praise for their excellent planning.

DGTL DAY 1: Solomun, Patrice Bäumel, SPFDJ, Maribou State and many more

Solomun performed on one of the most compelling stage designs, which created an elevated experience unlike any other. The Diynamic Boss was a must-see at DGTL Mumbai, as he bewitched the crowd for more than 4 hours. As they say, a good DJ plays good tunes, but a master of art plays those tunes you wanted to hear but didn’t know yet. And Solomun knows it!

Beatport Chart-topping DJ and producer, Patrice Bäumel intertwined underground sounds at the Gain Stage by Armani Exchange with some of his well-known singles. His performance was enthusiastic and full of joyful vibes. This was the act that started our day, and it couldn’t have been better.

Kaleidoscopic melodies and hard-hitting techno were what comprised SPFDJ‘s set. This set took place on the Generator Stage by Budweiser and was clashing with Solomun, so it became a very difficult task for us to figure out where to stay longer. SPFDJ graced the set for more than two hours, and it included a lot of underground tunes blended with commercial vocals. We chose to cherish her records for an hour and then rushed back to Solomun’s stage.

DGTL Day 2: Dubfire, Colyn, Giolì & Assia, Ki/Ki and many more

Dubfire, the electronic music icon, continues to astound us. The SCI+TEC boss returned to Mumbai after more than 4 years, previously, he had performed a 6-hour set at Kitty Su, Mumbai. This stage had one of the best energy of the festival, as people were dancing non-stop to the Techno beats till the event ended. The crowd was flummoxed when the Iranian DJ/Producer unleashed acid techno in his set.

One of the most memorable moments of the set came when Colyn dropped his single, “Oxygen Levels Low“. The audience cheered as the bassline dropped at the Gain Stage by Armani Exchange and the strobe lights flickered to the beat. Apart from this, the melodic house & techno superstar played a lot of music from Tale Of Us’ record label, Afterlife. We are still pinching ourselves after watching him play for two hours.

It doesn’t get more diverse and intense than the Italian feminine powerhouse combo Gioli & Assia when it comes to eccentric electronic music performances. Their Live set included delicate soundscapes with smooth vocals and a few tracks from their latest album, “Fire, Hell And Holy Water”. Without a phone in sight, fans could be seen dancing, smiling, and having a good time.

Fans were blessed with Ki/Ki‘s hard techno and raw-style music on the Generator stage. A lethal set that included big kicks and dark melodies. It was pure techno, with aggressive elements and gritty vibes.

There were a number of talented Indian DJs and Producers on the lineup in addition to the foreign musicians, like Anyasa, SEQU3L, Sickflip, Likwid and Sindhi Curry, to highlight a few.


DGTL is unquestionably much more than a music festival; it offers ravers the finest musical experience and gives them a chance to witness a diverse array of talented artists from across the globe. We are looking forward to more events hosted by the DGTL team.