DLDK Amsterdam reduces artists and stages due to Coronavirus

"We unfortunately had to make the very difficult decision to cancel the Sexy by Nature and hardstyle area"

Don't Let Daddy Know Amsterdam 2020 DLDK
Don't Let Daddy Know Amsterdam 2020 DLDK important info

Iconic Amsterdam festival Don’t Let Daddy Know (DLDK) has decided to reduce stages and artists keeping only the mainstage on the schedule because of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

With more and more festivals announcing their cancelation because of the spreading of the new Covid-19 Coronavirus, people started asking what will happen with the one happening during this weekend. Don’t Let Daddy Know Amsterdam has been (and it is still) planned for this Friday, 6th of March 2020 but because of the huge numbers of people coming from outside the country and unable to travel because the Coronavirus, the festival has decided to re-organize the festival schedule.

With a first press release, DLDK Amsterdam confirmed that “We’re closely in touch with local representatives and the Dutch health organization GGD to ensure your safety at DLDK Amsterdam 2020.” The also added that “Cancelling the whole event wasn’t an option as we don’t want to let you, as part of our amazing fanbase, down.” Because of the drastic reduction of people visiting the festival, “we unfortunately had to make the very difficult decision to cancel the Sexy by Nature and hardstyle area.

This year edition of Don’t Let Daddy Know Amsterdam will have only the mainstage area working with the full set schedule listed below:

  • 22.00-22.45 Mike Williams
  • 22.45-23.15 Lucas & Steve
  • 23.15-00.00 Sem Vox b2b Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman
  • 00.00-01.00 Oliver Heldens
  • 01.00-02.00 W&W
  • 02.00-03.00 Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
  • 03.00-04.00 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • 04.00-04.45 Showtek
  • 04.45-05.45 Headhunterz b2b Wildstylez
  • 05.45-06.30 Brennan Heart b2b Coone
  • 06.30-07.00 Ben Nicky presents Xtreme

Don’t Let Daddy Know Amsterdam official statement about 2020 edition and Coronavirus

After the news from Miami local newspaper that Ultra flagship event in Miami would be canceled, DLDK Amsterdam delivered another press release stating:

Dear DLDK Fans,

We are overwhelmed with comments after our official statement yesterday. Below you will find a FAQ with the top three of the questions which we received, because unfortunately we are not able to respond to every message individually.

Our ticket sales were good but due to the global Corona outbreak that kicked in last week, we received many messages of fans from all around the world who will not be able to visit DLDK. We sold a lot of tickets in Italy, United Kingdom, China, Sweden, Israel, France, Japan, Germany and Switzerland. We expect that 50% of all our international visitors cannot attend the show, which means that we would not be able to give the full DLDK experience as the venue will look empty. To do one mainstage with a good party atmosphere, which we always did in the past, makes more sense to do. We had to cancel six artists and luckily managed to add more artists to the mainstage area and combine three areas in one. We made sure the mainstage capacity is bigger so you don’t have to be worried that it will be too packed or unsafe.

At the moment a lot of festivals are being cancelled because of the global Corona outbreak. For example; Ultra Miami, Ultra Abu Dhabi, Ultra India, Tomorrowland Winter, but also huge conferences at the venue RAI Amsterdam such as the Microsoft Ignite. We expect that more developments will follow in the next few days. We are truly doing everything in our power to make this event happen for our fans.

Thank you for your understanding. See you tomorrow!

Best wishes,

The festival explained that the mainstage area capacity and set-up are much bigger so people don’t have to be worried to be too packed or unsafe. DLDK will take extra soap at toilet areas and if necessary they will also take other precautions.

Unfortunately, the ones unable to travel to Amsterdam or attend the festival won’t be possible to receive a partial or full refund for this situation. However, all ticket buyers of our official ticket shop will receive a 25% discount for DLDK Amsterdam 2021 once the ticket sale starts this Fall.

For further updates about the COVID-19 virus and the current situation in The Netherlands, please visit The Netherlands’ Ministery of Health website.

You can read the full statements here.