DoLaB Stage at Coachella 2023: Artists and Lineup

Experience the Magic of DoLaB's Iconic Stage at Coachella 2023, Featuring Surprise Guest Appearances and Unforgettable Performances

Coachella 2023 Do LaB W1 (19)
Coachella 2023 Do LaB W1 (19)
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Welcome to the world of DoLaB at Coachella 2023, where art, music, and surprises collide in an electrifying fusion of creativity and innovation.

The DoLaB stage has become a legendary fixture at Coachella, known for its iconic artistic structures, immersive atmosphere, and unforgettable performances. As festival-goers eagerly await the surprises that await them at the DoLaB stage, including guest appearances from renowned artists, the stage’s reputation as a hotspot for cutting-edge electronic music and awe-inspiring art installations continues to grow.

Join us as we explore what makes the DoLaB stage at Coachella 2023 a must-visit destination for music lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Get ready for an experience like no other, where the magic of music and art come together in the heart of the Coachella Valley.

The DoLaB Stage: A Unique Experience at Coachella

The DoLaB stage at Coachella is a legendary fixture that has been captivating festival-goers for years. Known for its larger-than-life artistic structures, immersive atmosphere, and cutting-edge electronic music, the DoLaB stage offers a unique and unforgettable experience for festival attendees. Located in the heart of the Coachella Valley, the DoLaB stage is a must-visit destination for music lovers who crave an immersive and innovative experience.

Set times for the Do LaB stage have been unveiled.

The Beacon: A Stunning Artistic Structure

Every year, the DoLaB stage at Coachella is housed under a larger-than-life artistic structure that serves as a mainstay of the festival’s skyline. For Coachella 2023, the DoLaB stage will feature “The Beacon,” a visually stunning structure that lives up to its name. With a large point at the top and materials cascading outward, The Beacon promises to provide ample shade for festival-goers, creating a mesmerizing and functional piece of art that adds to the unique ambiance of the DoLaB stage.

Surprise Guest Appearances: The DoLaB’s Trademark

One of the most exciting aspects of the DoLaB stage at Coachella is the promise of surprise guest appearances. The DoLaB has a reputation for bringing out incredible surprise guests during both weekends of Coachella, adding an element of anticipation and excitement for festival-goers. In previous years, surprise performances from artists like Diplo, Skrillex, RÜFÜS DU SOL, and Major Lazer have made the DoLaB stage a hotspot for unexpected musical moments. With Coachella 2023 promising “guests bigger than ever,” festival-goers can expect to be thrilled by surprise appearances and special collaborations at the DoLaB stage.

Coachella 2022 Do Lab stage
Coachella 2022 Do Lab stage

Unforgettable Performances and Diverse Lineup

In addition to the surprise guest appearances, the DoLaB stage at Coachella 2023 boasts an impressive lineup of artists spanning various genres of electronic and dance music. Weekend one features acts like ALUNA, DJ Tennis, Mr. Carmack, Flight Facilities, and The Glitch Mob, among others, while weekend two includes A-Trak, Emmit Fenn, Flamingosis, Littlefoot, and The Funk Hunters, to name a few. These diverse and talented artists promise to deliver unforgettable performances, showcasing the cutting-edge and innovative nature of electronic music.

Do LaB Coachella 2023 lineup includes A Hundred Drums, ALUNA, Ali Farahani b2b Patrik Khach, Andreas One, Arodes, BAMBII, BRESH, Carré b2b Samwise, Carlita, Cloonee, Daily Bread, DEVAULT, Dylan & Harry (Party Favor & Baauer), DJ Susan, DJ Tennis, Disco Wrek (Disco Lines b2b Ship Wrek), Elif, Elephant Heart, Emmit Fenn, Flamingosis, Flight Facilities (DJ set), Franky Wah, Giolì & Assia, Henry Pope, Hank K, HOLLY b2b Machinedrum, it’s murph, Jo Jones, Kasablanca, KIMONOS, Little Dinosaur, Littlefoot, Maddy O’Neal, María También, Michaël Brun, Mild Minds, Mikey Lion, Miss Javi, Mr. Carmack, ODD MOB, Of The Trees, Paraleven, Patricio, Phantoms (DJ set), SOHMI, SYREETA, The Brothers Macklovitch (A-Trak & Dave1), The Funk Hunters, The Glitch Mob, Whipped Cream.

Do LaB Coachella 2023 lineup
Do LaB Coachella 2023 lineup

Cooling Down and More at the DoLaB

The DoLaB stage is not only a destination for electrifying music, but also a place to cool down and relax at Coachella. Festival-goers can expect to be surrounded by spray bottles galore, providing much-needed relief from the desert heat of the Empire Polo Fields. The shade provided by The Beacon also offers a respite from the sun, creating a comfortable and inviting space for festival-goers to chill out, connect with friends, and take in the unique atmosphere of the DoLaB stage.

Don’t Miss the DoLaB Stage at Coachella 2023!

If you’re attending Coachella 2023, the DoLaB stage is a must-visit destination for a truly unique and immersive music experience. With its iconic artistic structure, surprise guest appearances, diverse lineup of talent, and refreshing amenities, the DoLaB stage promises to be a highlight of the festival. Be sure to catch the electrifying performances, soak in the mesmerizing ambiance, and revel in the surprises that await you at the DoLaB stage during Coachella 2023.