We bring you inside EDC Mexico 2024 festival constructions

The kinetic Field features a cathedral-like design with a mystical figure. Join us around the festival as we discover the stages

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Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico 2024 is in just three days. For the occasion, we bring you on a virtual tour of the festival ground, while construction is ongoing.

Starting from the very end of the rainbow row, the kinetic Field is basically completed. The theme of the stage is Kinetic Awakening. The cathedral-like design is always there but with some edits from last year. Instead of the two people holding a heart on top of the DJ, this year a mystical figure is in the middle of the stage. She seems like a god of the sun. All around her rays go in every direction. Four columns (or pillars) complete the construction. The LED walls are already in place.

kinetic FIELD stage EDC Mexico 2024 kinetic awakening
kinetic FIELD stage EDC Mexico 2024 kinetic awakening

Moving back from the Rainbow Road, at the very entrance of the festival, circuit Ground is still under construction. The Rainbow Road is ready with tons of lights and LEDs all around. The structure for the circuit Ground is there. The LED walls are as you can see from the pictures below.

Neon Garden and the Rainbow Road

We then moved to the Neon Garden. Again, the structure is there but the stage is far from being completed.

Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico 2024 is this weekend. Starting on the 23rd of February, it will run until the 25th of February at the Autódromo Hermanos RodrÍguez in Mexico City, Mexico.

The full lineup and the timetables are already available as well as the artists’ stage-by-stage division.

We will remain on the festival ground bringing you updates and pictures from the various stages at EDC Mexico 2024.

circuit Ground

We then walked to the circuit Ground stage which is almost complete. As you can see from tonight’s picture below, All the LED walls are mounted. The massive arena structure is on and ready for EDC Mexico 2023. In assonance with kinetic FIELD, the circuit Grounds bet everything on its LED walls and massive wide structure.

circuit Grounds EDC Mexico 2023 almost finished
circuit Grounds EDC Mexico 2023 almost finished