SXM Festival by night Photo Credit: Donovane Tremor
SXM Festival by night Photo Credit: Donovane Tremor

SXM Festival unveils 2022 Phase One and Two

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The second phase lineup for SXM Festival highly anticipated return to the Caribbean island of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten has been announced. From March 9-13, the destination experience will give attendees the chance to witness many of the top names in the underground techno and house scene in one of the world’s most beautiful and culturally diverse island locales.

SXM Festival has announced the 2024 lineup.

SXM Festival has remained focused on booking lineups that feature a mix of legendary names and emerging acts from all over the world since its inception in 2016. Some of the clubland’s most celebrated selectors and live acts visit Saint Martin / Sint Maarten on an annual basis to perform for one of the world’s most loyal and engaged communities of music fans and global party nomads. The result is a breeding ground for musical experimentation and discovery that is only surpassed by the natural beauty of the festival’s host location.

SXM Festival 2022 Phase One and two lineup.

With its phase two lineup, SXM Festival has announced a new group of top-tier talent featuring Music On leader Marco Carola, Flying Circus’ Audiofly, Diynamic icon Magdalena, and a live performance from Afterlife stand out Innellea. Afro House favorite Layla Benitez, Swiss house music maestro Jimi Jules, co-founder of the Common Sense People event series Konstantin Sibold, and others will perform, among others.

This joins a phase one lineup that includes Ricardo Villalobos, the famed zeitgeist of Chilean-born minimal icon Ricardo Villalobos, Innervisions co-founders Âme, the legendary Dubfire, Blond:ish, Jan Blomqvist, and Life and Death label boss Dj Tennis. Veteran German producer Steve Bug, multi-instrumentalist Chloé Caillet, Copenhagen live trio WhoMadeWho, Israeli star Chaim, Grammy-nominated producer Danny Tenaglia, and many more favorites from around the world were among the other highlights.

SXM Festival 2022 Phase One and Two lineup
SXM Festival 2022 Phase One and Two lineup


The event’s deep connection with the cultural and ecological fabric of the beautiful host locale of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten will be continued for the 2022 edition. Spawned in 2019 to help encourage the prosperity and health of the island following the devastating Hurricane Irma, SXM Festival created a partnership with SXM DOET.

SXM DOET is the largest volunteer event on the islands, supported by Oranje Fonds and carried out by Be The Change Foundation with the help of hundreds of volunteers. This year, 98 community projects have been registered. is a great place to learn more and sign up to volunteer. SXM Festival will encourage partygoers to volunteer and participate in this community event as a show of support. SXM DOET will also receive tickets from the Festival team to help promote their projects through raffles and to reward volunteers.

The SXM Festival experience between jungle dancefloors and astonishing beaches.

Attendees of the 5-day and 5-night tropical dance music escape will find themselves effortlessly navigating secluded beaches, lush jungle dancefloors, stunning villas, boat parties, and beach clubs – from sunrise to sunset. This distinct party format distinguishes SXM Festival from other destination festivals, guiding attendees through an eclectic mix of music, culture, and travel during their stay in paradise.

Guests can listen to their favorite house and techno artists at a variety of one-of-a-kind venues with captivating decor. Any SXM Festival devotee will tell you about Happy Bay, the event’s beating heart. The secluded private beach nestled in the jungle serves as the main evening venue for SXM Festival, with the iconic Arc Main stage and the immersive Ocean stage. Other highlights include Boho Beach Cub, the perfect place to chill out and escape during the day, along with Karakter, which overlooks the Caribbean sea and provides a spectacular view of aircrafts coming in for landing at SXM Airport and is the perfect place to catch a sunset.

Those looking for the VIP treatment can choose from a variety of luxurious villas and add private yachting, Michelin-starred dining, and other amenities to their package with a single click on the website booking page. At Happy Bar, VIP guests will have access to exclusive areas with luxurious amenities. This includes table service, a chill-out area, a dedicated VIP bar, and special cocktail and wine pop-up bars, as well as access to the legendary Villa Party on Saturday.

Boat and Panorama parties.

Satellite Parties, including the Boat Party with DJs soundtracking the epic voyage, which includes the option to set sail at sunset on the Caribbean’s largest lagoon, and the Panorama event, are additional add-ons. The VIP ticket pre-sale for these two events begins on February 8th.

The Panorama party will provide attendees with the opportunity to party at the top of Sint Maarten’s highest mountain while enjoying breathtaking 360-degree views of the best Caribbean sunset. Fans may recognize the location from the iconic Cercle spectacle captured by Blond:ish from this exact location. The unique, sustainable venue – Rainforest Adventures / Rockland Estate – is an eco-adventure park that preserves the island’s native habit and invests in the cultural landscape of St. Maarten.

A musical project featuring Isadore “Mighty Dow” York and his Ebony Steel Orchestra is another initiative focusing on the local culture of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. The band has been practicing tracks that incorporate techno and traditional steel pan sounds. The proceeds from the sale of these songs will be donated to local schools to help with the needs of the children in the area.

Slow down from the normal life not only while dancing.

Attendees are also encouraged to take a break from the party and meet the locals and other travelers, while offering their service to the island at specific, sponsored projects. Previous projects have included beach cleanups, playground construction, and basketball court maintenance; this year’s charitable action initiatives will be announced in the coming months.

SXM Festival is also committed to leaving a smaller carbon footprint and assisting in the replenishment of natural environments. SXM Festival’s mission is to become increasingly sustainable as it grows, with initiatives such as going paperless, saving energy with LED and solar lights, and eliminating plastic waste throughout the festival. The festival also has a no-leave-behind policy, which means that at the end of each event, each venue is transformed to be more beautiful.

SXM Festival and the beautiful island of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten hold rich cultural surprises behind every twist and turn, whether you are a returning vet or first-timer. It is truly the sum of its parts and a once-in-a-lifetime musical journey. Come find out for yourself.

The festival tickets are now on sale. Those interested in purchasing passes or learning more can head to SXM Festival official website.

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