How much do items cost at Tomorrowland? 2019 Price List

Tomorrowland uses its own currency, pearls, inside the festival as well as in Dreamville. These are the prices for most of the items sold

Tomorrowland 2019 drink

Tomorrowland uses pearls, its own currency inside the festival. Below you can find a full list with the prices of almost every item sold in Tomorrowland and Dreamville.

Prices are displayed in pearls; 1 pearl is equal to € 1.60

Before the festival, you can “top up” your bracelet with pearls using your Credit Card or Debit Card. If the bracelet is topped up before the festival, 2 pearls are added as a bonus for every 100 Euros added. All unused pearls are refunded besides a “service fee” of 2 pearls. Pearls can be redeemed by using your bracelet. Tomorrowland also provides the ability to top up your bracelet at the festival with either cash or card.

For more accurate information, and details on how to use pearls, visit the official Tomorrowland website.

Follow Tomorrowland 2019 live stream here.

Alpro (Food & Drinks)

Breakfast Bowls
Relax Breakfast BowlAlpro blueberry plant-based alternative to yogurt, granola, blueberries, raspberries, mint, coconut flakes4Dreamville
Love Breakfast BowlAlpro mild & creamy vanilla, granola, strawberries, chocolate, basil4Dreamville
Pleasure SmoothieAlpro almond drink, strawberry, mango, a touch of mint3Dreamville
Magic SmoothieAlpro coconut drink, pineapple, banana, a touch of mint3Dreamville
Madness ComboSmoothie + Breakfast bowl + Coffee or Tea8 (8.5 with Special Coffee)Dreamville
Coconut Coffee Special2.5Dreamville
Oat Coffee Special2.5Dreamville
Soya Coffee Special2.5Dreamville
Alpro Soya Drink Choco (250ml)2Dreamville
Alpro Caffe Almond (235ml)2Dreamville
Alpro Caffe Soya Caramel (235ml)2Dreamville
Alpro Caffe Coconut (235ml)2Dreamville
Tomorrowland 2019 food

Bar (Drinks)

Jupiler (330ml)2Dreamville + Festival
Jupiler XL (500ml)3.75Dreamville + Festival
Hoegaarden Rosee2Dreamville + Festival
Cubanisto3.5Dreamville + Festival
Soft Drinks
Pepsi/Pepsi Max2Dreamville + Festival
7Up / 7Up free2Dreamville + Festival
Mirinda Orange2Dreamville + Festival
Looza Orange2.5Dreamville + Festival
Organics Tonic by Red Bull2Dreamville + Festival
Lipton Ice Tea (Sparkling/Green/Peach)2Dreamville + Festival
Spa Reine (330ml)2Dreamville + Festival
Spa Reine/Sparkling/Grapefruit (500ml)2.5Dreamville + Festival
Red Bull Energy Regular/Sugar-Free/Sugar-Free Lime / Green/ White2Dreamville + Festival
Wine & Cava
White Wine / Rose Wine4Dreamville + Festival
Coupe Cava Vallformosa4.25Dreamville + Festival
Absolut Vodka + Mixer6.5Dreamville + Festival
Havana Club Especial Rum + Mixer6.5Dreamville + Festival
Beefeater Gin + Mixer6.5Dreamville + Festival
Jameson Whiskey + Mixer6.5Dreamville + Festival
Lillet + Tonic5.5Dreamville + Festival
Vodka Redbull in Tomorrowland Illuminated Cup7.5Dreamville + Festival
Doritos2Dreamville + Festival
Friendship Cupholder0.5Dreamville + Festival

Belgian Beer Bar (Drinks & Snacks)

Ginette Beer3Dreamville
Ginette Lager (330ml) from tap4Dreamville
Ginette Triple (330ml)4Dreamville
Ginette Fruit (330ml)4Dreamville
Ginette White (330ml)4Dreamville
Ginette Blond (330ml)4Dreamville
Belgian Beers
Leffe Blond (330ml) from tap4
Hoegaarden Rosee (250ml) from tap2.5
Karmeliet (330ml) from tap4.5
Kwak (330ml) from tap4.5
Spa Reine (330ml)2
Delicious Bite
Tastes of the World Croquettes: Cheese, Thai & Shrimp6
Tomorrowland 2019 bar

Pleasure Bar, by Magnum

Personalized Magnum3.5Pleasure Bar by Magnum (Dreamville)
Regular Magnum2.5Pleasure Bar by Magnum (Dreamville)

Angels of Beauty

Angels of Beauty
Barber9Montague + Dreamville
Hair6 Montague; 5 DreamvilleMontague + Dreamville
Makeup6 Montague; 5 DreamvilleMontague + Dreamville
Body Jewel2Montague + Dreamville


Showers (Easy Tent)1Friday: 06:00 – 16:00 Saturday: 00:30 – 02:30 & 06:00 – 16:00 Sunday: 00:30 – 02:30 & 06:00 – 16:00 & 23:30 – 01:30
Showers (Magnificent Greens)2.5Friday: 06:00 – 16:00 Saturday: 00:30 – 02:30 & 06:00 – 16:00 Sunday: 00:30 – 02:30 & 06:00 – 16:00 & 23:30 – 01:30
Tomorrowland 2019 bar

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