Tomorrowland finally reveals its theme for 2020 edition

"The Reflection of Love" will be the 2020 theme for Tomorrowland Belgium

Tomorrowland 2020 The Reflection Of Love logo
© Tomorrowland 2020 The Reflection Of Love logo

After days of silence and all-black posts, Tomorrowland reveals its 2020 theme as The Reflection of Love

Coming from an extraordinary 2019 edition with the celebration of the 15th anniversary and the come back of The Book of WisdomTomorrowland festival has unveiled the theme for next year’s edition. Tomorrowland has announced the new theme with a one-minute video teaser. It shows a solar eclipse seen by a telescope; the camera zoom out letting you enjoy the majestic of the place. Then, with a fantastic transition, the camera zooms into the plate revealing the name of the 2020 Tomorrowland theme.

An unexpected darkness fell over the People of Tomorrow. Today, the moment has come to introduce light into our world: The Reflection of Love. – Tomorrowland

The teaser point to the 2nd of December stating that an exceptional phenomenon took place. Over the past days, Tomorrowland has constantly changed its website source code with science-related information. Tomorrowland included Light travels faster than sound – 299 792 458 m/s as well as Helios – 51.178882 – 1.826215; they even have changed the subdomain of the website adding a base64 code (“TGlnaHQgaXMgYSB3YXZlIGFuZCBhIHBhcnRpY2xl”) that, encoded shows Light is a wave and a particle.

Tickets will start selling the 25th of January and the 1st of February 2020. To buy tickets you need to pre-register on Tomorrowland’s site. Pre-registration will start this Saturday at 17 CET.

2019 Tomorrowland hints to various possibilities for the 2020 theme. One of the most talked was Pyramids from Space. With the teaser public, we still aren’t able to tell what Tomorrowland 2020 theme is all about but, we’re super hyped.

Even if Tomorrowland is months ahead, you can still enjoy the vibes thanks to the One World Radio launched for the 15th-anniversary celebrations. You can also enjoy the teaser below.