Ultra Music Festival Miami fix the transport issue in 24h

After a bad Day 1 for transportation, Ultra Miami figured out an efficient way to bring all the ravers away from the island.

You may have read yesterday article about Ultra Miami transportation issues that left thousands of people on Virginia Key because of the lack of shuttles. Luckily, after 24 hours, Ultra seems to have figured out an efficient system to move all the people away from the island.

With a huge increase in the number of buses available and staff of Ultra that knew what to do, leaving Virginia Key wasn’t so bad.

Circulation on the Virginia Key bridge is now changed in favour of shuttle buses. The insane amount of law enforcement permitted an almost continuous coming and going of buses. For instance, we left the festival at around 1:30 am and we queued up around 15 minutes after. In around 35 minutes we were on a shuttle bus heading to downtown.


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We have been hard at work ensuring a smooth transportation experience for your trip home after the festival tonight. Specific actions we are taking: – Additional resources allocated to enhanced training for ALL transportation staff and volunteers – Implementing comprehensive transportation information, including this exit map, at every shuttle hub and around the festival. – Improved infrastructure around our bus loading process, particularly at the end of the night – Significantly increasing control of pedestrian traffic exiting the event, in cooperation with Miami-Dade County and City of Miami Police. – Feel free to stay and hang out! We are adding post-2am activities including extended food, drink, and merchandise vendor hours, art installations, secret performances, and other attractions. #ultra2019

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Now, moving more than 60.000 people is not the easiest and fastest thing in the world. Luckily, to help people int his way, the City of Miami and Ultra have decided to let the people enjoy the festival for another hour. On the UMF radio stage, Afrojack has played a special set from 2 am for the people who wanted to stay longer.

Even if a situation like the one happened on the 1st day shouldn’t happen at a festival like Ultra, they’ve redeemed themselves fixing and improving what hadn’t work.

We will wait for you on the third and last day of Ultra Miami 2019 today. You can also watch the live stream here.