Ultra Music Festival Miami Bayfront Park

Ultra Music Festival Miami will return to Bayfront Park in 2020

After months of discussions and meeting, Miami City Commission voted 3 to 2 to bring Ultra Miami back to Bayfront Park in 2020.

The Miami City Commission voted to bring back Ultra Miami to Bayfront Park for the 2020 edition.

After hours of meeting and a heated confrontation in the City Commission, including testimonials from both the public and city leaders, the commission voted 3 out of 5 for the return of Ultra at Bayfront Park.

With this new contract, Ultra Miami will have to make some changes as the maximum decibel level will be lowered from 104 dB to 102 dB (originally 110 dB). The Biscayne Oasis stage will be removed and Ultra Miami will have to pay $ 308.000 to the city in police and fire expenses (negotiated down to $ 475.000). A contract for Bayfront Park had already been proposed a few weeks ago.

As expected, the Miami downtown residents disapproved the decision. Commissioner Carollo was bringing up everything possible to get the deal rejected. In the end, the vote passed 3 to 2.

With Ultra Miami at Bayfront Park locked, at least for 2020, now we’re waiting for Ultra Miami to announce the exact period of the festival. It is also still unclear what will happen to the 2nd Resistance stage. Apparently, the area occupied by the Spider stage during the previous editions will be eliminated completely in order to keep the children’s park open to the public. A clear decision hasn’t been taken yet. For sure, we won’t see the massive Resistance Island of Ultra Miami 2019.

Ultra Miami has officialized its return to Bayfront with a post on all its social media profiles stating: “MIAMI, WE’RE COMING HOME! #BackToBayfront”


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