Watch the Friday Yuma Tent sets at Coachella 2023

Exploring the Epic Performances of Nora En Pure, Idris Elba and TESTPILOT: A Tracklist Breakdown of their Unforgettable Sets

Nora En Pure by Jackie Lee Young, Coachella Yuma Tent 2023 weekend 2
Nora En Pure by Jackie Lee Young, Coachella Yuma Tent 2023 weekend 2

The Yuma Tent at Coachella 2023 is known for showcasing some of the best underground electronic music artists in the world, and this year’s Weekend 2 did not disappoint. One of the standout performances was the DJ set streamed from the Yuma Tent featuring Nora En Pure, Idris Elba, and TESTPILOT. Don’t forget that Yuma Tent will run all weekend long with amazing house and techno artists.

Re-Watch Yuma Tent Friday at Coachella 2023

For those who were unable to attend Coachella Weekend 2 in person, the Yuma Tent livestream was a godsend. Luckily, this year’s Yuma Tent performances were streamed in their entirety, allowing fans from all around the world to tune in and experience the magic of the festival from the comfort of their own homes.

Nora En Pure

Swiss-South African DJ and producer started her set with “Indulgence“, a deep and groovy track that set the tone for what was to come. She then moved into her remix of Fred again‘s “Pull Me Out“, a soulful and uplifting tune that had the crowd dancing and singing along.

One highlight of the set was Joris Voorn‘s remix of Eelke Kleijn‘s “Transmission“, a melodic and atmospheric track that showcased Nora En Pure’s impeccable mixing skills. The transition into Volaris’ “Purple Skies” was seamless, and the crowd responded with cheers and applause.

Another standout moment of the set at Yuma Tent on Friday at Coachella 2023 was Nora En Pure’s performance of “Come With Me“, one of her most popular tracks to date. The driving bassline and catchy melody had the crowd jumping and waving their hands in the air.

Nora En Pure also played several unreleased tracks, including an unidentified track that had the crowd grooving along to the infectious beat. She closed out her set with “Life On Hold“, a euphoric and uplifting track that left the crowd feeling inspired and energized.

Idris Elba b2b HoneyLuv

Idris Elba by Julian Bajsel, Coachella Yuma Tent 2023 weekend 2
Idris Elba by Julian Bajsel, Coachella Yuma Tent 2023 weekend 2

Idris Elba‘s set began with a brand new ID, setting the tone for the rest of the performance. Elba then moved into HUGEL & Damien N-Drix’s “Tengo Ganas De Ti” before playing an original track of his own. He continued to mix in some fantastic tunes, such as Alex Preston’s “Djembe,” Joshwa’s “Magalenha,” and Enembiem’s “Zihuatanejo.”

One of the standout moments of the set was the b2b with HoneyLuv. The duo seamlessly mixed together tracks like Cloverdale & Eleganto’s “Floresta” and PARISI x Sebastian Ingrosso x Steve Angello’s “U Ok?. They also played some unreleased music, including two IDs from HoneyLuv at Yuma Tent on Friday at Coachella 2023.

Elba’s set included a variety of genres, from house to hip-hop to funk. He kept the crowd engaged with his energetic stage presence and impeccable mixing. The set concluded with Chris Lake & Green Velvet’s “Deceiver” and HoneyLuv & Seth Troxler ft. Paul Johnson’s “Sex & The City” (MK Remix).


The set starts with an ID track, followed by “Fake Tales” by Flug. The first few tracks are quite dark and gritty, with heavy percussion and driving basslines. TESTPILOT then drops “Modig – Object 0982 (Flug Remix)” and “Dustin Zahn & Marcal – Charger” which are both quite intense and high-energy.

After this, TESTPILOT plays “Juan Trujillo – Virulo,” a track that has a more groovy rhythm and some tribal elements. He then goes into a more minimal and atmospheric sound with “Amotik – Ikyavan” and “Mathys Lenne – Zone X.” TESTPILOT then drops “Pfirter – Birth,” a heavy techno track with distorted synth lines and relentless percussion.

TESTPILOT switches things up with “Wehbba – Mind Awake,” a more progressive house track that has a dreamy atmosphere and uplifting melodies.

The set takes a cinematic turn with “Kenji Kawai – Ghost City (Ghost In The Shell OST)” mixed with “No Mana vs. Secret Cinema & Egbert – Laser Beam vs. Elementen (No Mana Mashup).” This leads into “Beico – Irradiant,” a dark and gritty techno track with ominous synths and industrial percussion.

TESTPILOT continues to build the energy at Yuma Tent on Friday at Coachella 2023 with “Tayyar – Freya,” a fast-paced and high-energy track with a driving bassline.

The set reaches its peak with “Charlotte de Witte – Kuda,” a powerful techno track with a pulsating bassline and hypnotic synth lines. TESTPILOT then drops “Enrico Sangiuliano – Symbiosis,” a track with a dark and moody atmosphere and a driving rhythm. He ends the set with “Enrico Sangiuliano – New Expression Of Love,” which has a more uplifting melody and a driving bassline.