When are the fireworks at EDC Las Vegas 2024?

EDC Las Vegas features breathtaking fireworks shows and immersive choreographed ceremony performances

EDC Opening and Closing Fireworks Ceremony
EDC Opening and Closing Fireworks Ceremony

If you’ve been to Las Vegas’s Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), you know that the music, lights, and pure happiness make it an experience you’ll never forget. But among the pumping beats and flashy production, the amazing fireworks shows and mesmerizing ceremony acts are some of the most memorable parts.

Check the map to see where the fireworks are. Our guide will also drive through EDC Las Vegas 2024.

Main Fireworks

There is no better show than the Main Fireworks at EDC. From 1:41 AM to 1:47 AM, this pyrotechnic show will light up the desert sky with a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes that will move to the music. Expect a shower of thousands of sparkly sparks falling like bombs going off all at once. There’s so much going on that it’s overwhelming.


There are fireworks, but they are only one part of EDC’s big show. “Intermezzos,” which are parts of the ceremony, tell stories throughout the night with choreographed dancers, amazing visual effects, and live instrumental performances.

Start the night off right with the Intermezzo: Chemistry from 11:18 PM to 12:24 AM. It adds drama to the stage.

After that, from 3:17 AM to 3:20 AM, Intermezzo: Symphony is fun with, as the name suggests, symponic-style music. Later, the Intermezzo: Harmony from 4:10 AM to 4:13 AM includes happy and peaceful vibes.

Closing Ceremony

And finally, the Closing Ceremony from 5:28 AM to 5:30 AM, just as the sun is rising over the Las Vegas desert, marks the end of the whole thing.

You can see these amazing fireworks and formal shows from anywhere on EDC’s huge grounds. They make the event into an experience that is so real that it’s hard to tell that it’s not real. One big reason why EDC is still one of the world’s most-loved dance music events every year is this.

Feel free to check the whole set times for the festival.