Afterlife release most anticipated Fideles ‘Night After Night EP’

Fideles return to Afterlife with their keenly awaited first release of the year: ‘Night After Night EP’ featuring Be No Rain's angelic vocals

Fideles, a brilliant musician duo, makes a mesmerizing return to Afterlife with a piece of exhilarating dance music. A longstanding member of the Afterlife family, Fideles encapsulates the label’s emotive and diverse sound with Night After Night EP.

The title tune, which was inspired by the duo’s nightly adventures, takes inspiration from the duo’s travels, live performances, and private moments. It transforms this experience into melodies that go beyond each member’s distinctive personal peculiarities. Its sinister undertones are eloquently contrasted with Be No Rain‘s angelic vocals, adding a soul-stirring layer to the composition. It is menacing yet divine. This track has been a fundamental piece in Fideles’ performances, with visually impactful appearances in Tale of Us’ sets at their Afterlife shows at Printworks London, Zamna Tulum, Brooklyn Mirage New York, OffWeek Barcelona, and beyond.

Most-awaited Afterlife 2022 ID, Night After Night, see the day of the release  in a massive collaboration between Fideles, CamelPhat, and Be No Rain

After their electrifying collaboration with Anyma, the label welcomes back the internationally famous duo CamelPhat. This time with a remix for “Night After Night’, hitting us with a version that is brimming with vibrancy and highly potent emotional content.

We asked Camelphat to remix ‘Night After Night’ because we love their music,” said Fideles. “They are such talented musicians. Ever since we produced it, we’ve felt like they would be the perfect artists to remix it. – Fideles

Fideles’ song “Overcome” is inspired by the feeling that their audiences have been expressing to them as they perform. It is a melodious adventure that perfectly conveys their intense sense of unity with their audience and inspires us to get through any barriers that stand in our way. With resonating sentimental synth lines, tickling percussion, lingering shadowy bassline, and a dancefloor-ready kick, the second track beautifully complements the first while teasing their experimental approach.

The “Night After Night EP” is proof of the Italian duo’s extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication to making music that touches the spirit. The expertly crafted club album, which is also great for daydreaming, has kept listeners on their toes long enough to become a highlight EP of the year.

About the artist: Fideles

The Italian powerhouse Fideles has been at the forefront of the development of electronic music in their nation, pushing their distinctive sound and modern perspective that has enthralled small clubs to packed-out festivals all over the world. Fideles have spent a decade in the digital scene and have released music on labels like Germany’s Innervisions, Correspondant, Italy’s Afterlife, and their own imprint Impressum. In 2022, they released many monumental productions such as ‘No Human Interaction’, and their collaboration with Agents of Time, ‘Drain’.

They also remixed popular songs like “Otherside” by Monolink, “Tell It to My Heart” by Meduza & Hozier, and “River” by Stephan Bodzin, all of which were released on different record labels. Fideles have ruled all kinds of dance floors, both personally and through their widely recognized studio output, which has been backed by artists like Solomun, Tale of Us, Camelphat, and many others. This includes Tomorrowland, the Orange Theater, and Ushuaia. With an ever-growing portfolio and fanbase, the duo is set to continue their exponential rise in the underground scope in the years to come.