Flatdisk Gil Sanders Lost

Flatdisk & Gil Sanders release an emotional new track called ‘Lost’

Big & Dirty Records has released the brand new tune by Flatdisk, and Gil Sanders called ‘Lost’.

Flatdisk is an Italian DJ and producer duo based in Milan. We met them the first time with their release on Void Records, ‘ALBA’. They have collaborated with artists such Max Vangeli and Oovee. They have also mixed the Flamingo Miami 2016 compilation.

Flatdisk’s production has always ranged numerous genres. They have produced ‘Skin‘ in collab with Max Vangelis, a dope groovy track released on Sosumi, and ‘Don’t kill the Night‘ in collab with Oovee which is more a relaxing tune.

Gil Sanders is another producer from Italy. He is well known in the groove movement thanks to his release on Flamingo, KIDS Records Foundation at the various collaboration with Havoc & Lawn.

Flatdisk and Gil Sanders have joined force on ‘Lost’ that it’s out now on Big & Dirty Records.

Flatdisk Gil Sanders Lost Big Dirty

The track is something different from their original groovy style. The melodic, dreamy combination of vocals and instrumentals coupled with the drop’s groovy synths make for the best of both worlds. Flatdisk mastered the delicate art of creating a track that is both uplifting and thought-provoking, romantic and yet lively enough to dance to. Captivating vocals by Jacob Wellfair are carried along on an instrumental breeze during the introduction, drawing the listener into the sonic story before the bass kicks in.

You can listen to the track below and buy it here.