Florian Picasso Raiden Hanabi Protocol Recordings

Florian Picasso & Raiden presents ‘Hanabi’ on Protocol Recordings

Last month, Florian Picasso and Raiden joined Nicky Romero on the Ultra Music Festival main stage. As a fluid, uplifting melody began to permeate the Miami air, Nicky called out “these are some of the most talented guys I know in the scene right now” before the track sent the crowd into a blissful frenzy.

This track is none other than “Hanabi“, the newest release from Florian and Raiden on Protocol Recordings.

Florian Picasso Raiden Hanabi Protocol Recordings

Hanabi” has progressively energetic drops that are guaranteed to bring a crowd to their feet. Both Florian Picasso and Raiden have cultivated dynamic, captivating sounds, and “Hanabi” blends them into a seamless masterpiece.

Hanabi” comes after a steady stream of releases from both artists on Protocol Recordings; some examples are Raiden‘s cathartic “Heart of Steel” and Florian‘s inspiring “Final Call”Florian also released on Spinnin‘ and Musical FreedomRaiden opened the main stage at Ultra Music Festival twice this year. Both artists were key players in Protocol‘s showcases during Amsterdam Dance Event and Miami Music Week this year.

Florian Picasso Raiden
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