Purified Records Celebrates 20th Fragments Release

Fragments XX: Featuring "Hurt Enough" by Palisade and Affektion, "Okutama" by TsuruSwing, and "Paradigm" by Krokha

Purified cover
Purified cover

Electronic music is a field that is always changing, but Purified Records has already made a name for itself. With a strong focus on quality and a keen eye for new artists, the label has consistently released cutting-edge soundscapes. The label is now celebrating an important anniversary by releasing the long-awaited twentieth album in their popular Fragments series (XX).

The compilation: Fragments XX

Fragments XX is a musical tapestry made by three very talented artists. Each of these brings a unique musical view to the project. Palisade and Affektion, a dynamic duo, are leading the way with their track “Hurt Enough,” which sets the tone for the trip ahead. A flawless arrangement lets the track soar to great heights, carried by soaring voices and shimmering synths that surround the listener in a dreamy soundscape.

Next on the list is TsuruSwing‘s “Okutama,” a melodic piece that expertly combines traditional and modern elements. This piece, which is built around a beautiful piano break, shows how well the artist can combine different types of music, making for an interesting and moving listening experience.

Paradigm,” Krokha‘s dramatic track that takes the listener into a deeper dimension, is the last track on the collection. With its growling bass lines and leading pads, this sound journey shows that the label is dedicated to pushing the limits and discovering the deepest corners of electronic experimentation.

Daniel Nicholson and his cover photo

Fragments XX isn’t just a collection of great songs, though; it’s also a feast for the eyes and ears. The cover art for the album was taken by the famous underwater photographer Daniel Nicholson. It shows a beautiful school of fish. This picture is not just a pick for its beauty; it also shows very well how schooling fish move together in a coordinated way.

Fish that school, like the ones in the painting, have an amazing ability to coordinate and talk to each other. They move in synced groups to avoid being eaten by predators, find food more efficiently, and have more babies. This group behavior makes the fish look scary and confused, which makes it hard for predators to target specific fish within the group.

Nicholson took this beautiful picture of the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. It’s a powerful reminder of how beautiful and fragile the underwater world is. It is becoming more and more threatened by humans and the terrible effects of climate change.

Purified Fragments XX cover by photographer Daniel Nicholson
Purified Fragments XX cover by photographer Daniel Nicholson

Let’s save the ocean with the music and the Ocean Conservancy

In this light, Purified Records’ choice to work with the Ocean Conservancy, a group whose mission is to protect the oceans around the world, becomes even more important. Raising knowledge and helping with conservation efforts is important to the label, and it fits perfectly with the Fragments series’ philosophy of pushing limits and questioning what people think they know.

Fragments XX brings together artistic expression and environmental action, which is great for people who love both music and the ocean. The sounds of Palisade, Affektion, TsuruSwing, and Krokha will enchant you. Let the images of the swimming fish take you to the depths of the ocean, where a world of wonder and strength awaits.

The trip doesn’t end there, though. All of us can help protect this important environment for future generations by giving our support to groups like the Ocean Conservancy and Only One, whose goal is to improve ocean health and fight climate change.