The Groove Cartel presents Friday releases

Today is one of that day we are very happy about the music released.

24th of February will be remembered in the EDM industry for many reasons.

First of all, SIZE finally comes back with a new look and a wonderful tune. Mistakes is the name of the track. Steve Angello played it for the first time at Opium Barcellona last summer. The song is from CYA, a mysterious duo.

Today is also the release date of Hope, the long awaited album by Third Party. ‘Hope’ contains eleven tracks that will make you goosebumps.

From ‘Without You’ to the VIP Mix of the historic ‘Everyday Of My Life’ the album is full of quality tunes.

As the third release of today, we want to talk about the new one on Axtone. Sixes is its name, and it’s by D.O.D. The track has been criticized by some fans, considering it not up for Axtone. We think it’s excellent; a bit different style for Axtone but always welcome.

Last but not least the new funky release on Protocol. It’s from the Italian Funkybeat and Asters and it’s titled ‘Jupiter’. We are euphoric about the patch that Protocol has taken in the last, period (as described here). It is giving a lot of possibility to young talented artists, and this makes us jubilant.