Melodic Ambient Friday Techno
Melodic Ambient Friday Techno

Fridays are for techno: 5+1 new releases out today | Week 1

A mix of techno, progressive, deep and melodic music for your ears and your soul with our 5+1 selection of today's releases

Hypnotic melodies, minimal beats, and mystical vibes are all you need to enjoy your Friday. Here it is our five plus one picks from the techno underground scene out today.

vintash – Medici/Yalu

Our first spotlight comes from the Danish record label Blindfold Recordings. They welcome Cologne-based producer vintash on the label with the 2 track EP Medici/Yalu.

vintash describes himself as “mentally full of music”, which makes sense with an upbringing in a musical family, sound design studies, and various adventures in DJ collectives.

This EP t’s the kind of music you put on that makes you walk faster and with a purpose. It’s the soundtrack of a rainy fall day, industrial landscapes, lonely train rides. It’s an epic build-up that keeps getting more intense every second. Lots of elements that seem to almost clash but instead come together in a powerful, almost angry cocktail. Filled with longing, emotion, and pain, Medici/Yalu is an incredibly strong experience that transcends genres.

Øostil & HeÎk – When I Fall EP

After presenting the 4-track EP almost a month ago, Renaissance Records released it in full effect. Intimate and soft melodies unfold into dark and gloomy inflections for a journey into the deepest soul of the human being.

Opening up with When I Fall, Øostil & HeÎk has chosen to start with faithful and devoted long melodic themes paired with an old-fashioned baseline and minimal beats on the drop. The ancient vocal flows through the tune and it seamlessly connects the listener to EnigmaThe ambient vibes still have a serious stamp that perfectly collides with the plucked main synth that droves the record.

Anesthesia is the turning point of the EP with its dark and hard percussive ryhtyhm. The hypnotic rolling ryhtyhm unfolds into narcotic melodies creating a feeling of abandonment. Consequences pick you up from the sensation guiding you thanks to the fabulous main synth that comes mighty into the song.

Westbam feat. Richard Butler – You Need The Drugs (&ME Remix)

Legendary &ME jump into the remix game delivering his own version of Westbam’s You Need The DrugsSpinning on the original tune more soothing baseline, the rolling percussive ryhtyhm and the fast beats anticipate the pleasing vocal. Incredible work has been done on the second part with the charming ambient tones. A remix that will keep you suspended in a limbo of conflicting emotions.

Nosssia, Rhodas, Several Definitions – 16TH

Récitas de Mars presents Nosssia, Rhodas, and Several Definitions for the 3-track EP 16tha collection of deep-melodic house records perfect for your relaxing sessions. Don’t expect anything big with powerful kicks and wide baselines; both the three records have in common relaxing ambient sounds, chill melodic themes, and intimate percussive ryhtyhm.

Hypnotic but private, 16th introduces simple but beautiful lines and soporose beats. Letting you focus on the joyful feelings, the track manages to get rid of wheezing thoughts giving you calm and serenity. Corpus comes in two different versions; the original mix is the more cinematic with organic sounds ambient-driven beats while the Several Definitions remix is more for clubs or small parties. Both include delicate and intimate melodies but with the remix that introduces a stronger note on the drop.

Max von Sternberg – Forgiveness EP

Forgiveness marks the first EP for Max von Sternberg as well as the debut on Musica Autonomica.

With its strong baselines and expressive hi-hats, the eponymous piece, Forgiveness, is clearly made for the dance floor. It comes in two versions – one with lyrics and one as a dub version. Hard and strong percussions flow through a mesmeric melodic motif creating a euphoric feeling of airiness. Falling Star, the first track of the vinyl’s B-side feels likely energetic. The raw and industrial betas perfectly collide with the ancient chorus that fills the record. New Day, on the contrary, gets the more quiet tones, occasionally leaves a melancholic impression, and is by that also made for contexts beyond the club.

Agents Of Time – Midnight Drive In Santiago EP

This week plus one is the already mentioned on the blog, Agents Of Time’s brand new EP on Afterlife. Filled with Agents of Times’ synth-driven take on electronic music, the duo showcases their production prowess with four tracks that demonstrate their ability to tap into your emotional center with varying styles.

You can read and hear more about the full EP here.