Melodic Ambient Friday Techno
Melodic Ambient Friday Techno

Fridays are for techno: 5+1 new releases out today

A mix of techno, progressive, deep and melodic music for your ears and your soul with our 5+1 selection of today's releases

It’s Friday again and it’s time for our weekly series “Fridays are for techno”. This week we’ll move from the hard sound of Mind Against to the melodic journey of Siamese.

Mobi, Mind Against – Tecie & Refuge (Celestial and Dub Mix)

Italian duo returns with an extraordinary 2-tracker release. Following the iconic Walking Away on Afterlife, Tecie & Refuge are both in collaboration with Moby. Hypnotic and angelic vibes are fused together with a spiritual vocal loop and a pure electronic main theme. The Celestian Mix perfectly describes this feeling of comfort and calm that pervades the whole record. Refuge goes minimal and more industrial-techno with raw wounds but not forgetting the iconic Mind Against’s melodic lines. The soothing arpeggios complete this elegant frame.

Maceo Plex – Cinemax

Created this year in the midst of a global pandemic and much political uncertainty, Cinemax is the follow up single to ‘Nu World’ which saw all proceeds donated to the American Civil Liberties Union’s campaign to fight voter suppression in the 2020 US election. ‘Cinemax’ sees Maceo Plex sample Alice Russell and The Quantic Soul Orchestra’s ‘Pushin’ On’, utilizing the sample to symbolize resilience and unity as we move forward into the new year.

We are leaving the past behind. Time to unify, leave the racism and division behind us. The lyrics tell this story. The song itself is a deep chugger, always building with forwarding momentum – Maceo Plex

Dee Montero – Meridian

Dee Montero is back once again raising his new label Futurescope to even greater heights with its third release entitled Meridian.

Meridian‘ offers up glistening melodic waves, sweeping pads underneath harmonizing delightfully with pulsating synths and vibrant percussion that rolls throughout. The renowned German audiovisual artist, DJ and producer, Patrice Baumel’s remix of ‘Meridian’ is up next which features cosmic and ethereal sonics, uplifting atmospheres and undulating euphoria that pulsate beautifully together.

Also featured on the EP is the sublime and dreamy ‘Bridges‘, showcasing the haunting vocals of Bali-based Laura Freedland making her debut over the arpeggio-led melodies and hypnotic rhythm taking the journey to another dimension.


TAU welcomes Paris-based producer INVŌKER for a 4-track EP, a time machine that takes us to 1999.

Starting with the EP title track, 1999 transports the listener back in time, with 808 cowbells, squelchy warehouse hoover sounds, and reverbed vocal clips emanating a retro feel. Emotive pads and crisp beats interact playfully as the main thrust of the track pushes things forward. Eventually, we move into the second half, where a fizzing main riff is juxtaposed with the smoother elements of the track to great effect.

Next is Drainer, a creepy audio excursion with a darker feel and a more po-faced outlook. The low end oscillates with potency as instructions from a command center are uttered in the background. It’s like the soundtrack to a space battle, with galactic fighters lined up ready to leave the mothership.

With Nami (Midnight), INVŌKER takes us straight into the interplanetary funk inviting us to a cosmic disco. A simple, bright melody is the main hook as whiplash effects and mesmerizing atmospherics guide us into an energizing breakdown. This one will whisk you away from your every- day life into a place of deep consciousness and awareness.

Last but not least, DC Salas steps up for a rework of Drainer. His remix enters the nu-disco with heavy-hitting beats and a captivating, moody b-line. Salas adds in plenty of emotion and the progression is excellent, as the track goes through three different stages.

AVNU – Ultraviolet EP

Another mention for Maceo Plex own imprint Ellum Audio as they welcome newcomer producer AVNU (Avenue) with the 2-tracker Ultraviolet EP.

The excellently exuberant opener Ultraviolet with a party atmosphere thanks to the bristling drums and funky bass riffs pairs with Infrared, a darker, more pounding and heads down record. We have talked more in-depth about the release on our full review here.

Adriatique present Siamese Anthology III

The 8-track compilation is our plus one of this week. Adriatique have put together an incredible collection including deep house melodic vibes with the incredible Yotto’s signature sound or the stellar In Anima My Moon closing the Anthology.

Read our full in-depth review here.