Fur Coat presents ‘Dystopia EP’ with Musumeci & Dodi Palese remixes

Fur Coat
Fur Coat

Fur Coat returns to Renaissance with ‘Dystopia,’ another seminal EP on Renaissance.

Sergio Muoz, a.k.a. Fur Coat, is undeniably talented. His Venezuelan roots, though he now calls Barcelona home, serve as a reminder of South America’s growing influence in the electronic music world. The fact that he has been at the forefront of this Latin renaissance, and continues to be, is a testament to his ability and creativity.

It’s also why his friendship with Renaissance is still going strong. They’ve already released three singles and an album under their belts, and now they’re back with the Dystopia EP.

The title track, ‘Dystopia,’ is the epitome of what a title track should be: a heady mix of Fur Coat’s consistent ability to marry a memorable riff with effortless, production cool.

My intention was a catchy hook that played along with the sub-bass, evoking the classic Renaissance era, but with a modern, yet timeless vibe.

Sergio and Renaissance enlisted Musumeci and Dodi Palese to remix the track in their own indie style to extract every last drop of creative juice.

We were instantly drawn to ‘Dystopia’s’ infectious riff and specifically wanted to celebrate that element

Solitary Road,’ the EP’s final track, shifts a stylistic gear into the world of electronica.

It’s been great to see the return of atmospheric breaks in recent years and I really wanted to produce something that would be a worthy entry into the genre, so my focus was once again on the all-important melodies with detuned chords and catchy riffs. – Sergio