Fur Coat press pic
Fur Coat press pic

Fur Coat album ‘Polyphony’ via Renaissance is here in its 12-track glory

As the name suggests, the album encompasses a wide array of underground and deep sounds, including many layers that capture the perfect spectrum of melodic techno music

Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine, aka Fur Coat, present their second studio album Polyphony via iconic Renaissance Records.

All the way from Venezuela but now based in Barcelona, Spain, Fur Coat has made a long way with their melodic-techno signature sound. From Last Night On Earth to Crosstown Rebels, the two have imposed themselves in the techno circuit with the launch of their own label Oddity Records.

With such accomplishment in the past, Fur Coat are ready to step up the game with this 12-track album PolyphonyAs the name suggests, the album is a mix of different signature sounds and musical styles for a real immersion into electronic music.

Kicking off with Water Of Life, this tune is the right opening up for the album with cinematic and long melodic lines blended with stripped synth and ambient-driven baseline. A distant vocal loop fuses with an intimate plucked melody creating an incredible feeling that will bring the listener to the second tune. New Species is deeper and more minimal, with simple but effective progressive arpeggio and a clean rolling ryhtyhm. A hypnotic melodic-percussive loop interspersed by futuristic vocal-spoken loop and long melodic strings.

Stay Away resumes the ambient long melodies of the beginning including a clean and dark beat that travels along soothing lines and narcotic vocal loops. On the same stamp, Shades brings together the most mysterious vibes of the album, mixing a neat plucked main theme with deep and endless sound sequences.

In the fifth position, we find the first collaboration of the album. Fur Coat teamed up with Hunter/Game for Alloy an incredible crossover between the musical styles of the two artists. A very euphoric crescendo, with fast melodies and wild progressions, opens up into a profound and deep drop filled with intense percussions and clean kicks.

Fur Coat Polyphony album Renaissance
Fur Coat Polyphony album Renaissance

Hurricane is the first tune of the album with a full vocal on it. Running Pine was in charge of it and we can say he has done an outstanding job, especially on the rolling drop where his angelic and melodic voice perfectly flows through the hypnotic theme.

3.33 marks another collaboration for Fur Coat; Julian Wassermann jumps on the album with his hard-techno signature sound. The wide baseline and the acid theme on top complete the job for another narcotic production. Following, Rebirth is on a completely different floor. The progressive arpeggio completely turns itself into deep and mysterious beats for the most underground clubs.

Fur Coat are the masters in playing with any time of melodies and with No Tomorrow they’reno different. A magic and charm movement created by the perfect blending of electronic-driven percussions and mysterious themes deliver another incredible feeling of unicity for the tune.

Elysian sees the collaboration between the duo and Sly Faux. With his infectious groove, once again, perfectly mixed with the cinematic theme the record is surely another unique tune on the album.

Delhia De France joins Fur Coat for Eye Of The Storm that brings the album to a closing thanks to CosmosThe track perfectly encloses the entire meaning and soul of Fur Coat Polyphony album combining together almost every musical style we have heard so far.

Polyphony is a term specifically chosen by Fur Coat to emphasize the celebratory concept behind their new album.

Firstly, poly means many, and we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, so it was important we reflected that milestone in some way. Beyond that, we wanted to create a project with many layers that capture the perfect spectrum, ranging from experimental sounds through to more familiar dancefloor tracks. Whether blending a cinematic feeling, infectious groove, indie vocal, or slower BPM electronica, we used multiple layers and patterns to create a textured, forward-thinking soundscape. ‘Polyphony’ really does say it all in a single word. – Sergio explains to us

This is not to say their dedicated compositions should be overlooked, quite the opposite, which they are rightfully proud to point out.

This is our second album and we really wanted to deliver something that showed our musical influences and the evolution of the Fur Coat sound. We’ve come a long way in the past decade, with many more years yet to come – the future is undoubtedly polyphonic! – Fur Coat

Out now via Renaissance Records, Fur Coat Polyphony album is available for the stream and download here or below.