This Week on Tomorrowland Music (and Core Records): May 2024

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The summer festival season is just getting fired up, and Tomorrowland’s labels have been coming through with some certifiable heaters to get the party started. Let’s dive into the latest releases that’ll be ringing off in the fields and airwaves very soon.

Goodboys and Chain Reaction

First up, we’ve got the hugely anticipated return of UK house music duo Goodboys to the Tomorrowland Music imprint. These lads have been relatively quiet over the last couple years, but they’ve re-emerged with an absolute belter called “Chain Reaction.”

If you’re familiar with Goodboys’ style, you’ll know they always bring those chunky, energy-packed grooves with earworm vocals and melodies. “Chain Reaction” doesn’t disappoint on that front.

From the first pulsating kick drum, you get that sense of euphoria that only Goodboys can conjure up. The filtered vocals have a nostalgic, almost trance-like quality as they deliver lyrics about the dizzy rush of new love – “The way you make me feel, a chain reaction.

As the energy builds through the breakdowns, you can already envision the hands in the air and eyes rolled back in pure bliss when this one drops live.

The Goodboys guys told us they’ve been testing “Chain Reaction” in their shows recently, and crowds are going suitably mental for it. They intentionally crafted it to be a real set-piece banger for their summer festival runs.

Of course, their debut at the fabled Tomorrowland stages is definitely a highlight they’re buzzing for. All I can say is get ready for an explosion of pure pumping house ecstasy when they unleash this beast in Belgium!

CORE welcomes Cellini

Staying on the Tomorrowland Music’s boutique label CORE, we’ve got a really cool new single from the mysterious artist Cellini. Having built a solid rep with his fresh take on blending electronic styles with traditional Mediterranean and African influences, Cellini’s latest is called “Terril” and it’s a beautiful, atmospheric yet hard-hitting number.

For this one, Cellini teamed up with Moroccan singer Simo Lagnawi to create a hypnotic, culturally-fused journey drawing on ancient Gnawa melodies and rhythms from Cellini’s Italian-Belgian roots.

As those trancey vocal lines weave around the stuttering hand drum patterns, you can just feel the sense of longing for one’s homeland and desire to connect with your cultural origins.

It has that magical, almost mystical quality that Cellini has mastered in his productions.

According to Cellini, growing up in a coal mining community in Belgium, he was surrounded by the traditional folk music of Greek, Italian, Turkish and Moroccan immigrants who had that deep yearning for their home countries.

With “Terril,” he wanted to capture that vibe and fuse it with Simo’s African Gnawa heritage for a totally refreshing, cross-cultural dancefloor experience. Consider me fully absorbed and transported!


Last but not least, we’ve got an absolute summer raver from the meteoric Belgian drum ‘n’ bass sensation Andromedik. Having already racked up millions of streams on bangers like “Forever” and his huge collab with Lost Frequencies, Andromedik is going stratospheric. His new single “Bleed The Same” is about to set this festival season fully ablaze.

Teaming up with Dutch singer RANI, “Bleed The Same” is just pure dancefloor dynamite from the jump. Those nursery rhyme-style vocal hooks are going to be stuck in your brain for weeks. But it’s the sheer relentless energy of those pounding neuro bass lines and ripped beats that’ll have you heaving and wilding out nonstop.

Andromedik has this knack for walking the line between cutting-edge sound design and maximum peaktime rave euphoria. Whether it’s the warping, grinding growls of the synths or those addictive two-step drum patterns, every element is purpose-built for uninhibited dancefloor mayhem.

We can only imagine the sweat-drenched, bass-faced pandemonium when this one detonates at the festivals and raves he’s hitting up.
Speaking of which, this guy’s rapidly rising stock is about to reach new heights.

He recently sold out back-to-back nights for his “Andromedik Invites” concept in Antwerp, and he’s got a 9-hour rave marathon booked there in November. But the crowning moment might be hosting his own stage at Tomorrowland for the first time this July! Absolutely mental stuff.


See you at Tomorrowland 2024

So there you have it – three monster releases from Tomorrowland Music to amp you up for summer.

Our advice? Gas up the crew, get flexible, and brace yourselves for absolute insanity when these anthems start doing the rounds!