Groove Cartel Records Miami 2017

Groove Cartel Records Presents: Miami 2017 EP

Main pillar of the global groove movement, Groove Cartel Records is back in Miami for the craziest week of the year with a three tracks EP that will refresh you from the hot vibes of Miami.

Here we are again: Miami Music Week, one of the most important and awaited musical moments of the year, it’s just two weeks apart. In this period hundreds of artists, DJs and managers every year fly to Florida to play at the coolest pool parties, talk about business and have a good time.

We are extremely proud to announce that for the very first time

Groove Cartel Records is releasing its own pack. It will be available in free download the 17th of March!

The pack is currently out now and you can find it for free download via Soundcloud or Spotify.

It contains three groovy, fresh tracks from Game Over Djs, CAIN & Matt Kaylen and Tryde & Krytek. Maybe you’re not familiar with them yet, but don’t worry: we had a chat with all of them…

Can you introduce yourself to our readers and listeners?

Tryde & Krytek: We are Tristan (Tryde) and Julien (Krtytek), we know each other for almost 5 years now, we met by chance on the internet (on Soundcloud), I listened to the sounds of Julien, which looked like my inspirations, and now we are here to move forward and evolve together.

Game Over Djs: We are Matteo and Alessandro from Italy and we make EDM music. We love the piano and most of our tracks have it! We hope to reach big goals one day…

CAIN: Well I’m 18 years old, I was born and raised in Australia. Music is my life, I don’t normally do much else besides producing but when I’m not in the studio I try to have a social life and spend time with mates, be it playing video games or just separating myself from music for a short while to keep a clear and level head.

Matt Kaylens: I started to produce music in 2009 under my Dubdash alias. 2012 – 2016 i was partner of PartyKillers group. Then I decided to create a new alias Matt Kaylen.

What is/are your inspirations?

Tryde & Krytek: (Julien) My inspirations are pretty dark sounding ones, like Klosman, Damien N-Drix, or stuff like Kryder. (Tristan) Good question, my universe is filled by artists like Tom Staar, Corey James, Dannic and without forgetting out french friends!

Game Over Djs: Our inspirations are surely Axwell, Steve Angello, Eric Prydz, Deadmau5, Porter Robinson and many more!

CAIN: Most of my inspirations come from older house music, the vibe that these songs carry is so iconic and mainly what made me want to be a producer, so I try to carry that same feeling and vibe over into my own productions and DJ sets.

Matt Kaylens: I take inspirations from different styles of House Music. I’m impressed of some new music genre and at the same time I love all the old school vibes.

Your new tracks are coming out, can you tell us about the ideas behind them and the creative process ?

Tryde & Krytek: Regarding “Sao Paulo”, we were in a very groovy mind. We don’t really have a standardized style, but we want that people can always say «Yes, it’s Tryde & Krytek who made that!». We always start a project making melodies, it’s the first step for us. Then we try to build a structure and in general, the ideas come from themselves.

Game Over Djs: the name of the track says it all: for “The Night” we had the idea of a fun night in a piano/jazz/funky bar and we made this track, very happy and fresh!

CAIN: The song originally started with Matt. He sent me an idea months before I had even started working on the song, which was the original idea behind the track. Some time passed and he sent the song back to me with this amazing vocal in it, I fell in love with the track immediately and saw the potential it had, so i wanted to work on it with Matt. When I asked if I could help finishing the song Matt agreed and we started going back and forth with the song until we were finally happy. The song has like 4 different masters versions now and who knows how many mix downs we attempted (laughs). The drums are the heart of the track, they work along with the vocal to create a light and bouncing vibe. The sub bass-line is from the stock standard Ableton plugin ‘operator’ and the track has been polished off with the OTT plugin from X-fer to bring out that summer vibe that we were aiming for.

Matt Kaylens: I found this African voice that inspired me. I started to do a basic house beat and I’ve added some synth layers and bass. Then, I started to ask for some feedbacks around me. Cain was really interested to finish it with me so we did it!

In which DAW do you work? What is your studio setup?

Tryde & Krytek: Funny question because at the moment we are talking to you, Julien is using Logic Pro X, and I use FL Studio; regarding VSTs, we love Spire, SynthMaster, WOW, and the classics like Nexus or Sylenth1. We also like to discover the various plugins which are released every day to test some new ones.

Game Over Djs: We use Logic Pro 9 and X, sometimes we also use Ableton for samples, our favourite plugins are “Nexus“ and “Ohmicide”.

CAIN: I use Ableton on Mac, it’s what I starting producing on and it feels very comfortable for me.

Matt Kaylens: Im using Ableton live 9 on a Macbook Pro but sometimes I use FL Studio too,it depends on my mood. My studio monitors are the Yamaha HS80M, I also have a pair of Pioneer HDJ 2000 mk2 headphones and a nice office chair! I don’t need much more !

What are your plans for the future?

Tryde & Krytek: If you could see all the projects we started for 2017… so many ideas are on their way! Stay tuned to follow our adventure!

Game Over Djs: We’ve got a lot of plans. Many releases are coming! Stay tuned!

CAIN: I’ll be keeping busy in the studio to bring you guys the best music possible.

Matt Kylen: Since a while, I worked on a new genre and a lot of different projects but I will take my time for it. I may will create again a new alias name for it. I want to be able to do what I want, when I want. No pressure, no boundaries. I can’t tell exactly when, but new music is coming soon for sure!


The pack is available for free download!