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Hardwell Ultra Europe 2018 ID

Hardwell returns back to his roots with a brand new groove-house ID

There was not only Steve Angello yesterday on Ultra Europe 2018 main stage. With two #1 on the DJ-Mag 100 and an unlimited series of hits, Hardwell took over the biggest Croatia venue last night.

Hardwell is massive known for his bigroom records that have hit numerous awards but, for the more loyal fans, we have to remind that Robbert started his career as a tech-house/techno/minimal and house producer. When in 2010 he opened Revealed, his first releases were all underground oriented; famous is ‘Three Triangles’ which came out on the worldwide respected Toolroom Records.

Revealed head honcho, Hardwell, returns back to his roots with a brand new groove-house ID at Ultra Europe 2018 in Croatia.

With these premises today, we will talk about the brand new ID dropped last night in Croatia. It hasn’t a name yet by what we’re sure it’s a new Hardwell’s original. The touch of the Dutch star is unmistakable: the top high synth that can be heard in a lot of his productions is the first thing that makes us think of him. Another distinctive sound is that bubbling bassline driven by the groovy percussions. Definitely an old-vibes style Hardwell record.

We hope that he is planning to release more record following this patch, maybe in parallel with the big-room main records that the more recent fans seem to love.

For now, the track can be heard below from Soundcloud.

[TS_VCSC_Soundcloud url=”″ color=”#1e73be”]
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